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Georges St-Pierre the current welterweight champion of the UFC came by the studio today to take a look at Sleeping Dogs.

Me with GSP (nicest professional athlete ever)
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@Hizang:  I have dealt with a stutter since the 6th grade. My issue is I get stuck on vowels and start repeating the word the vowel is in a few times. In the past I would run out of breath trying to push past the stutter. With getting older, accepting my stutter, joining local  "Stuttering" groups along with searching out professorial help. Controlling my speech has come along way.  I still stutter on a daily bases, but I can manage it - When I know the next syllable I'm about to say I will stutter on (Stutters can senses when are about to stutter), I use the skills I was taught in my speech classes to ease my way through.   
Don't let your stutter hold you back. I'm 29 now and most of my early 20's was spent holding myself back from what I wanted to do. I took to many jobs where I could "hide" in the background while never following through on what I really wanted to do. While I have never been to AA, I feel people with stutters can look towards the 12 step program for alcoholics and kind of follow the same rules. Step 1 is you admit you have a problem and work from that.  After excepting my speech and searching out for help I'm on the right path: I just finished up a contract as a multilayer balancer at Relic Games on Space Marine Warhammer 40k. I had to talk allot and it was great. I didn't let my stutter affect my work, I talked to everyone from the GM to the janitors. My fellow employees where fine with my stutter. 
My stutter is a life long "friend" sometimes its a blessing (I work hard - come in early, stay late, push myself) and sometimes its a prick (I'm having a good conversation then it creeps up, I work word swap and sound dumber then I am sometimes).
Here on some tips from one stutter to another: 
- The best advice I can give you is - accept that you have a stutter (yeah it sucks that we have to focus harder on speaking and a career in stand up or the president is a little out of reach, but if you accept you have this disability you can build off of it and it can become a strength).  
- Do some research into what speech therapy clinics are around you and what type of government grants their are for attending them. I have only looked into grants in the US and Canada but both have tons ways to pretty much get free money to help you attend speech therapy (example - In Canada their is a grant that pays for you to attend a intense 2 week speech therapy program, in the states I was able to get grants togo to college cause of my disability) 
- Search out other stutters either on line or in the town you live in. 
- Look into self help websites and books - Last year I picked up a book from Amazon - Self-therapy for the stutter, its a great book, lots of good tips and was only $5 
- There is no cure for stuttering! Anyone that says they can cure you is lying. You will be able to control your stutter through practice to the point that you might only stutter once a year but it takes alot of hard work and you have to be willing to put in the time and not beat your self down when you have a bad "stuttering week" 
The last thing is nothing comes easily, if your serious about  getting in control of your stutter it takes work - daily work. I "practice" my speech everyday for 20 mins in the morning. Think of it as working out, its probably a good idea to go for a brisk jog 5 times a week to maintain good health. The same can be said about your speech.
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 Completed a mission design for Prototype that was part of my package sent into Radical for a "Design Scripter" position

Project Goals

  • Multiple paths
  • Stealth gameplay
  • End encounter boss fight
8 to 15 minute Experience
2 to 5 minute combat encounters and in-game cinematics
“Convoy” is a side mission intended to be a integrated into the current Prototype retail game. Cinematic intros, setups and exit will give an overview of the goals the player has to accomplish to complete the level.
Level Walk-Through

1. In-game cinematic setup(Passive)
a. Alex gets word that Blackwatch is transporting samples from the 1969 Hope, Idaho test site, overseas to a more secure Blackwatch owned facility. Alex’s contact believes that these samples could be used to find a cure for the recent “backlight” virus outbreak in NY.
b. Alex is told to be investigate a Blackwatch radar tower setup in time square to learn when and where the transport will be leaving heading.
c. Objective update
i. Objective updated “Go to the radar tower”
ii. Mini map updated with radar tower location

2. Radar Tower(Aggressive Passive)
a. In-game cinematic
i. Upon reaching the event trigger an in-game cinematic plays: Alex is shown on a building overlooking the radar tower outpost on the roof of a nearby building. A make shift tent housing the radar equipment is in the center of the of the roof with Blackwatch guards patrolling the perimeter.
b. Objective update
i. Objective updated “Gain access to the radar tent silently or with force”
ii. Mini map is updated with soldier positions and radar tower entrance
c. Sneak (Passive ( Use current in-game stealth mechanics))
i. To infiltrate the radar tower, Alex must consume one of the patrolling soldiers without being seeing by the other guards.
ii. Once disguised the player can enter the radar tent
iii. If at any time the player is revealed or seen consuming an enemy the current encounter defaults to the “force” option

d. Force (Aggressive)
i. When the player is spotted, the soldiers will turn aggressive, the radar tower will go on “high alert” calling in a strike team to help deal with the treat.While on high alert the entrance to the tent is sealed, blocking the player from entrance.
ii. After clearing out the area of threats the player can enter the radar tent.
e. In-game cinematic
i. Upon reaching event trigger an in-game cinematic plays:
ii. Passive: A disguised Alex enters radar tent and overhears radio chatter between the transport convoy and the radar technician.
iii. Aggressive: Alex enters the tent and performs “tendril barrage” killing everyone inside. Picks up an ear piece from one of the bodies and hears radio chatter pinpointing the transport convoy.
f. Objective update
i. Objective updated “Intercept the convoy”
ii. Mini map updated with convoys location.
3. Convoy (Aggressive Passive)
a. Objective update
i. Upon reaching event trigger, objective is updated “Disable transport truck or inflect nearby power generators to stop the convoy from requesting backup”

ii. Mini map updated with convoys current location and power generators locations along convoys path

b. Engage Convoy (Aggressive)
i. When the player is spotted, striketeams will be called in. Strike teams will continue to engage the player with increasing waves of enemies, until the transport truck is disabled or a nearby power generator is infected (resets the threat level).
c. Inflect Power Generators (Exploration)
i. “Infect” prompt will appear when player nears a power generator.
ii. Infecting power genitors will cause a EMP blast zone.
1. EMP blast destroys any air support within the blast zone
2. Resets players threat level
3. Transport truck cannot call in strike teams while in blast zone

4. “OG” Black Light (Climax)
a. Cinematic
i. Alex is showing walking up to the wrecked transport truck’s sealed door. He starts to pry the doors apart with his hands, suddenly the door flies off revealing a large Hunter
b. Final Combat
i. Alex must defeat the Hunter
ii. Hunter has the ability to bring back corpse found around the encounter as Infected soldiers
iii. When the Hunters health =< 25%, the player is prompted to “consume” the enemy

5. Outro (Passive)
a. Consuming the Hunter triggers an “Web of intrigue” cut scene revealing information about the test subjects origin along with how the virus mutated within its body (steps to find a cure)
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This picture was on a fellow ex propaganda's facebook back

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@dexterslu: Johnny I'm sure is fine. He works for Disney in California. Propaganda was a Vancouver based company, had no internal PR people.
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@The_Joker:  He works for Disney PR in California. Propaganda was a Vancouver, BC based company
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 Disney has shut down Propaganda games, it should be popping up on gaming sites any minute now. I had amazing experience working at Prop and hope everyone laid off land on their feet.

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Good stuff, keep it coming

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 I have a upcoming interview for a World Builder position for a upcoming 2D MMO.

I'm collecting and burning through as much content as I can, to get ready for the interview. What games(I'm looking for 2D games) have you played where the level design really stood out. While games like Super Meat Boy are great 2D games, being that this is a casual MMO, I'm looking more along the lines of Maple Story or Neosaurs and not pixel perfect platformers (if something really stood out in this genre though, please list it)

Please post any game where the level design stood out to you, it could be from visuals, technical or both.