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shouldnt he be working on mgs?

Maybe the newly opened Konami LA will handle it? And maybe Guillermo del Toro will be directing / writing it, while Kojima provides the technology, and maybe as an adviser?

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But something like Load Our Last Souls ala Vinny's DS1 playthrough. @drewbert can play it leisurely every week or two weeks, with @danryckert guiding him thru all the crazy narratives, snake butts, playboy magazines, and cold war politics.

So it's like Dan 'Big Boss' Ryckert, guiding Drew 'Solid Snake' Scanlon thru MGS1, 2, 3, 4, PeaceWalker, and Ground Zeroes.

@drewbert would love it, because in the middle of the game you can use codec to call Natasha, Master Miller, Sigint, Boss, etc, who would proceed to talk to you about the internal workings of specific Russian tank series, Hind-D, PSG-1 sniper rifle, Colt SAA, or how the rats behave during winter (spoiler infanticides), snakes habitat, ravens' place in inuit culture.

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@refresh said:

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for me. The plot was just stupid and horrible. Not to mention boring.


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Jeff is on vacation for a week, first Yoshi, and now a Dynasty Warrior article?

Why don't you start posting about stealth, Resident Evil, bone-full chicken wings, anime, and JRPGs?

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Really? Jeff is out for a week, and this happened?

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I'd chomp deep fried Rorie's leg, because I love Rorie.

PS: Stop reading poop mails, those things are disgusting, like Yoshi.

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I'd ignore them.

Replying back is a bad idea, since if they already resorted to hate speech at the first place, do you think that they would relent? They have their mind set on their opinion, and unwilling to budge at the first place. If a person is willing to change his/her opinion, do you think he/she would resort to harassment / hate speech? The person would probably be very sensible at the first place.

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I like to focus on one game at a time. It's fatal to move between multiple games, especially in RPGs, since you might forget the plot or current objective that you'd end up hours scouring what to do next and ended up with putting down the game.

I've just recently finished Legend of Heroes TITS and now almost finishing Ys Memories of Celcetta. I try not to play multiple games at the same time. Next would probably be Raidou Kuzunoha.

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Red Dead Redemption and Far Cry 3.

I enjoy hunting animals more than urban settings.

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Nationalities of the (verified) aboard the plane. To repeat what Johnny Chiodini said on Twitter: "Three infants aboard that Malaysian airlines flight. Three people died as a result of a conflict they weren’t even capable of knowing about."

45 Malaysians and 12 Indonesians.

They are probably on the way back to their countries to celebrate Eid al Fitr.

This is so fucking sad.