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One of the best waifus:

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Sadly Jeff can't grow a beard.

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@golguin said:

@myrmicus said:

It's not long since I started roaming this DLC, but I don't know what to think.

I really like the level design, more organic, reminded of the brilliant level design from the first Dark Souls... but I hate how they filled it with ennemies. Because of my Soul Memory, the most basic foot soldier can endure 3 strong attacks from my main weapon (Dark Monarch Sword +5, it have a base damage of 639 with a SL 200 character) and those ennemies are always in groups of 3 or more (the only exception is if the third is another ennemy, or for the first one you encounter, which is alone). As a results, the fights are pretty tedious. Having to deal with 5 tanky opponents isn't fun at all. It's even less funny when you know you will be ganged up each ladder you climb down... The other ennemies I encountered so far (apart from exploding rampant flamable guys, which still take 4 strong attacks to go down but tend to explode before that anyway) have ridiculously high health : It takes 2 backstabs and a hit to take the fume sorceresses to fall... and then there's the flaming shoulder giants. Those are an interesting concept, I didn't find any way to kill them "honorably" (that is, not spamming them with hexes from a safe distance) : the lava that leaks from their left shoulder is an interesting concept, it should force you to drop the classic "straff to the right" technique, but it's another thing in practice. When they swing their giant maces, the lava drop all around them as a result and will touch you if you are too close... and with their insane amount of health, fighting them melee is too healing-items consuming.

There are some nice touch though : Playing my first playthrough offline, the Black Phantom (Somthing the Assassin) on top of the stairs was interesting : I rushed him, took down half of his health and he rand down the stairs, which I found clever. The giant and his healing shrine was quite a fight too. But there is another Black Phatom... the one at the bottom of a ladder, which four oily torches... I found out that just lighting and play catch around them was a great way to make her suicide by immolation.

Comparing it to the last DLC, I think I prefer the ennemies from the Sunken Crown (even if it was really difficult with my hexe build) over those of the Iron Crown. But I prefer the level design of the Iron Crown over the Sunken Crown.

On a side note, is there a way to go through the "cursed stairs" or is it just "buff your curse resist to the max then run like hell to the bottom" ?

The curse stairs lose their curse power when you destroy the Nadalia Idol with the Smelter Wedge. There are a lot of Nadalia Idols throughout the area that need to be destroyed and you need to find the Smelter Wedge items to get it done.

There's also a hidden item, the hollow skin mask, that has Curse resistant of 1000.

I prefer Crown of Old Iron King more than Sunken Crown. I really hate the dark and damp level design in Sunken Crown, plus some of the enemies are just plain annoying, e.g. the ghost knight, and the poison spitter blastoise.

Fume Knight boss might be tough, but it's manageable, especially when you solo him, since summoning NPC increases the boss' defence, and Sir Alonne is a delight to fight with. But I didn't like that Smelter Demon 2.0 is one of the bosses, and the boss run is just very annoying.

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So many hints...
So many hints...

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I think overall, it's a pretty good conference. I understand the middle part where they need to talk about Destiny, LBP, and You-Be-I Soft's stuff, just to inform the Japanese audiences.

I'm also glad that they focused on Vita for the first part of the conference, Reading thru /r/vita, a lot of Vita owners are pretty happy, although they are wary that some of the titles might not make it out of Japan.

Capcom is... kinda expected, Resident Evil HD Remake HD Remake, and Revelaitons 2. Known quantity.

Square is disappointing as usual. Hey, you wanna know about FFX, what about no, and here's a Dragon Quest Warriors. Plus Square is now the new Capcpom, after Dargon Quest, we get:

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Yay for Persona 5 coming to PS4, I was hoping for gameplay trailer though.
Koei Tecmo is getting more and more contract nowadays, seems like everyone wants to make a Musou game nowadays.

We all know after GamesCom that TLG won't be appearing during TGS, I don't really care much about it at this point of time.

We get some trailers about next Ys, and Legend of Heroes!

Fairly solid show, almost like Gamescom, games after games, and I like this format.

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@alex is the truest champion. @danryckert is all talk. Samantha Kalman is the true runner-up, and Greg Miller is a fraud.

#TEAMGFB is the most entertaining.

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I like really Japanese drama movies, but they might be bit slow though (I'd use the word 'contemplative' rather than 'slow' though). E.g. Still Walking, Tokyo Family, Wonderful Life

I also like Korean thrillers, such as: Mother, Poetry (which is a drama though), The Terror Live. Be careful of Kim Ki Dduk movies, some of them are really hard to swallow (I will never watch Moebius again, that movie is traumatic)

Normally my rule is, if I want drama, I'd go for Japanese drama movies. If I want thriller, then the Korean directors / screenwriters are really good at it. HongKong movies are good in police / gangsters action flicks and martial arts.

Also some German movies are really good and intense, e.g. Das weiße Band, Der Baader Meinhof Komplex.

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Sadly Rorie is busy with meetings all the time. He's my favourite duder, he's the Golden Duder after all. But it's okay, I get to see him on UPF and properlypettingpuppies tumblr page.


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I was hoping for something like this. But I guess, their design is probably due to technical constraint and the need to keep it portable.

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