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I think overall, it's a pretty good conference. I understand the middle part where they need to talk about Destiny, LBP, and You-Be-I Soft's stuff, just to inform the Japanese audiences.

I'm also glad that they focused on Vita for the first part of the conference, Reading thru /r/vita, a lot of Vita owners are pretty happy, although they are wary that some of the titles might not make it out of Japan.

Capcom is... kinda expected, Resident Evil HD Remake HD Remake, and Revelaitons 2. Known quantity.

Square is disappointing as usual. Hey, you wanna know about FFX, what about no, and here's a Dragon Quest Warriors. Plus Square is now the new Capcpom, after Dargon Quest, we get:

Yay for Persona 5 coming to PS4, I was hoping for gameplay trailer though.
Koei Tecmo is getting more and more contract nowadays, seems like everyone wants to make a Musou game nowadays.

We all know after GamesCom that TLG won't be appearing during TGS, I don't really care much about it at this point of time.

We get some trailers about next Ys, and Legend of Heroes!

Fairly solid show, almost like Gamescom, games after games, and I like this format.

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@alex is the truest champion. @danryckert is all talk. Samantha Kalman is the true runner-up, and Greg Miller is a fraud.

#TEAMGFB is the most entertaining.

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I like really Japanese drama movies, but they might be bit slow though (I'd use the word 'contemplative' rather than 'slow' though). E.g. Still Walking, Tokyo Family, Wonderful Life

I also like Korean thrillers, such as: Mother, Poetry (which is a drama though), The Terror Live. Be careful of Kim Ki Dduk movies, some of them are really hard to swallow (I will never watch Moebius again, that movie is traumatic)

Normally my rule is, if I want drama, I'd go for Japanese drama movies. If I want thriller, then the Korean directors / screenwriters are really good at it. HongKong movies are good in police / gangsters action flicks and martial arts.

Also some German movies are really good and intense, e.g. Das weiße Band, Der Baader Meinhof Komplex.

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Sadly Rorie is busy with meetings all the time. He's my favourite duder, he's the Golden Duder after all. But it's okay, I get to see him on UPF and properlypettingpuppies tumblr page.


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I was hoping for something like this. But I guess, their design is probably due to technical constraint and the need to keep it portable.

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Little did they know that it's actually Taco Bell who's going to buy Twitch. Imagine the world's leading video platform for gamers merged with world's best cuisine company.

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As an aside, I also really enjoyed Rorie on the podcast this week.

You Roriecon.

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I wonder what's his newborn's middle name is? Max's middle name is Rex, this one might be Vegeta.

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Besides Alex, I chose those who are likely to cheat:

  • Dr. Tracksuit
  • Dave 'GFB' Lang
  • John 'Diet Coke' Drake
  • Johnny 'Ice-T' Vignocchi

Dan Ryckert is all talk, all you need is to lure him away with Taco Bells.

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I just wanna say that Counter Spy is really good. It's like 2D action game, with occasional drift into 3D ala Shadow Complex, where the perspective changes and you can shoot users in background.

Since it's stealth, it's more like a puzzle game than action game.

I'm playing it on Vita right now, and man the loading time is long. Other than that, I'm enjoying the game.