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I've been trying and I'll continue to try but I just can't listen to it at the moment. Always looked forward to getting the new bombcast every week but without Ryan I'm really having a hard time getting into the podcast :( .

Adding Drew does seem like a good move but without Ryan and Patrick not being on any more I really feel like the bombcast needs a new voice/energy.

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One day later, and it's still hard to believe.

Yup, there are few things worse than waking up and remembering that someone you was part of your life just isn't there any more.

No matter what's going on in your life it's amazing to get to sit on on a weekly three hour plus conversation with a great bunch of guys

who'd be worth listening to regardless of what they're talking about. Always looked forward to hearing Ryan open every Bombcast.

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He seemed to put so much of himself into GB and the Bombcast, it's hard not to feel like you pretty much knew him when you'd listened to and watched him for

what must amount to hundreds of hours. I can't imagine how those who were close top him must be feeling, this really is gutting.

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Just not sinking in, hoped so much that it was a joke post when I saw it.

Condolences to all those affected, he really, really will be missed.

RIP Dude

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PC, despite having no unified voice at E3 and the industry in general and constantly being overlooked by so many publishers we just fucking endure.

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When Patrick joined I thought five people was a little much, without him the Bombcast doesn't seem the same.

Always enjoyed it when Drew or Dave were on though and if he can find the time it'd be great to hear Drew on more often.

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Screw him, he invented the format not the English language!

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@hailinel said:

@oscar__explosion: And who honestly expected Mass Effect 3 to sell on Wii U, anyway?

I totally forgot that port existed.

To be honest, I sometimes forget that the Wii U exists. Been gaming since the early 80s and never has a console interested me less.

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Kenny in Walking Dead, because Fuck You Kenny you ass hole! The amount of shit I did for that guy and he wants to be an ass hole and not help when it really matters, screw you! damn hick ass hole!

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@pop said:

This thread is fucking hilarious, Alex is pretty hot, by the way he said he writes his articles naked, so start imagining fellows.

What a coincidence, I've always read his articles naked. I've never felt as close to him as I do right now!