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It is seriously disappointing that 5 minutes can destroy any chances of a game being considered for any award.

It isn't just that the ending is so bad. It's that EA went so far in the resulting aftermath. If they had just said "yeah, that is fucking horrible, our bad" and took one to the chin, it undoubtedly would not have gone over as badly as it did, especially considering the entire debacle culminated in them stealing from fucking charity.

Whoa, what? How did they steal from charity? I thought a bunch of people just decided to donate to Child's Play in an effort to make a statement about how badly they wanted the ending to be addressed. Isn't that a win for charity, or is there some part of the story that I never heard about?

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This looks awesome. Sadly I'm a PC only guy (thanks RRoD). Any plans for ever sending it this direction?

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@Fallen189: Yeah, we are checking it on occasion but many of us are currently attending university, doing graduate studies, or working so hopefully you can understand if response isn't as immediate as you would like. Another issue is that the main guild, Lincoln Force, is at the 500 member capacity so we are having additional members fall under the jurisdiction of our second guild, How I Met Your Mesmer, which I believe has a separate set of officers who would have to be handling the invites to that guild. If I get better information I'll be sure to let you know.


To Everyone: Please make sure you post your account in the Google doc thread if you want to be invited.

Just posting it in here is a good way to make sure it gets buried and never seen by us. The Google doc allows us a much more manageable process of taking care of things.

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That was actually a very fair and well constructed review. He even made me laugh several different times. This is a good piece of content. Also, major props for including Monty Python.

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95% piracy rate? I want to see the survey and methods they used to reach that conclusion, until then I'm calling it a complete and utter lie.

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Rumor or not, I want the next consoles to come out as much as the next guy but I do not want a repeat of the RRoD or YLoD issues. So, in that regard, I want them to take their time so they don't royally screw consumers again.

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I was ready years ago. That's the main reason I switched to pc gaming.

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@Napalm: Who said I did nothing? I obviously already have email verification for the Arenanet account, changed passwords, and I also have two-step SMS verification for my gmail account. The point was to see if there was anything beyond the standard "change your password" that I could do to lock it down further. Sometimes people know of additional things you can do so I asked. You don't need to try to paint me as some internet inept.

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Well, it's my favorite iteration of underwater combat yet in an MMO, but that isn't exactly setting the bar very high. I still prefer land combat by a mile (or a league harharhar).

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So ... now he looks like Sean Bean (in that first picture anyway).