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Analysts are awaiting the comments of larger outside entities on the matter, although speculation is strong that Alex Gianturco, leader of the CFC under the character named "The Mittani", will somehow tie this disaster back to Test Alliance Please Ignore's "poisonous leadership".

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The real shame here is that it shares the first part of the title with Cities:XL and XXL.

I don't get why they couldn't have called it something else like just "Skylines".

apparently it's because it's a sequel to Cities in Motion. But, yeah, it's confusing with two different but similar franchises named Cities.

Having not really looked into this game much, I totally had assumed it was a sequel to Cities XL, and I'm probably not the only one.

Can confirm, I too thought it was from the Cities XL line of games.

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@nophilip: @madpierrot: Well that's straight up garbage. That ruins the whole thing. I'm disappointed that they would do that.

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Anybody played this mode yet? I just finished my first one. Boy, what a terrible mode. There's some serious pay-to-win stuff going on there. I'm disappointed in Valve for this one. Me and a friend got matched up against a 5 man who all had point pools over double ours. Their year beast wrecked their way through 2+ towers every time it spawned. Ours died nearly immediately every time.

I'm curious to see what other duders' experiences with the Brawl are.

So what is pay-to-win about it? From their blog I don't see anything you can buy to help the creature like you seem to be suggesting. They likely all had lost previous brawls and had bonus ability points as a result, something that you will have as well now.

Win a Brawl, and you’ll earn item sets and other New Bloom prizes. Lose, and you’ll receive a handful of Ability Points to use in the next Brawl.

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This may finally be the Witcher game that I get into. Tried the first and it didn't click. Tried the second and while it was definitely an improvement, the combat scenarios felt really punishing early on if you didn't somehow magically know what you were going into before actually encountering it (with the whole you can't use the potion things inside of combat). I really want this to be the one that does it for me because these guys create an interesting, dark world that is different enough to be refreshing. Plus they always make some of the prettiest games.

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Thanks for responding to my PM. I thought this looked like a fun game to check out ever since I saw the Quick Look and ... well now I can check it out. The soundtrack is super dope and the game play looks like it has a fast, tight game play loop. Can't wait to xX420XxXNoScopeXxXBlazeTheDodgeballXx.

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Zero interest in visiting Kotaku. My honest opinion is that this is a step down in terms of the quality of site. I hope the pay is worth it.

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I enjoyed it a lot. The DLC wasn't very fun though. Too much recycling of environments.

Do you care to elucidate as to why you don't like the game OP?

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What other website can measure up to what Giant Bomb delivers? This stands as another shining example of just how wonderful this site and its friends are. Who needs anything else.

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Honestly, my advice to you is to take as long as you need to put away enough money to buy something above "bare minimum" for a graphics card. I've bought cards that were pretty much budget/performance cards and it's something I always regret skimping on. Now, I wouldn't be able to spend a ton on a card so I always keep it sub-$200, but as a result that graphics card has always been the thing bottlenecking my game performance.

You don't have to leap for the Titan of the day, but get a good price/performance card. You'll be glad you did. I wish I could have done that.