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I got in, however it doesn't look like the servers are up yet. Just sits at authentication.

The irony is that I'm away for most of the weekend.

Yeah, you'll notice on the launcher it has "breaking news" telling you that they have a 24 hour maintenance in preparation for the stress test weekend.

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@cthomer5000: You can pare down the size of a map without reducing the scope of the game because (hopefully) there is more to it than how much landmass the map encompasses. As you get older you more readily recognize tedium for what it is. Wandering a huge empty map is perhaps novel for the first half hour, but after that those of us with limited time just become annoyed that that kind of stuff stands in the way of us accomplishing anything meaningful during the smaller blocks of time to play. I want to get something done if I have thirty minutes or an hour other than just walking.

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Maybe other developers have better learned how to strike a balance between having an open world with "dynamic" AI versus actually filling their games with something meaningful. Maybe Bethesda should learn from them. I would be all for them bringing down the size of the world if it meant they improved the quality of it because let's be real, a lot of the world is just empty anyway.

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I think the dude just likes to talk. I noticed him doing the same thing earlier in the year with some of his audio interviews. The interviewees had way less room to talk than is normal. I more or less agree with you. No one likes being cut off.

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People up in this thread acting like you can safely preorder based on a company's past performance ...

Let me tell you a story about how I used to believe that once upon a time. There was this awesome franchise called SimCity made by Maxis. All of their previous entries were solid. They announced making a a modern entry. By your logic, and mine at the time, it was a no brainer that this would be good. It looked nice, they touted some sort of super serious "Glassbox" simulation, etc. etc.

The game launched and had terrible, game breaking problems. Even if/when those were fixed there were still fundamental gameplay design decisions that made it a very disappointing game. It was at that point that I truly realized that there is no such thing as a guaranteed winner. If I had just waited a week or two I would've known all these things and could've avoided this.

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But seriously, the artifacting is still happening like 4+ months later.

Is anyone looking into this or have people just thrown their hands up in the air and given up? I feel like the equipment is just going bad.

Grey frames are still happening too.

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I enjoyed the cutscenes from chapter 2 so I'm glad that I was able to experience them, but I could've done without replaying all of those missions from chapter 1. The game was feeling long to me before stuff was being repeated, but then they went ahead and put in hard mode versions of those missions and it just felt like needless filler. As well as the game played I was practically begging for it to be over well before it was actually finished.

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It's a poorly balanced, shallow version of Battlefield with poorly controlling air vehicles. The "beta" (demo) convinced me to not buy it.

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The archive of UPF is presenting the same issues. None of this happens during the live streaming but something happens when you guys archive your stuff. Grey screens and garbled video going on four months later guys ... come on.