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I'd rather wait to play a finished game than have an unfinished one pushed out the door.

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Here is a video of the fight provided by HERO Coalition fleet commander Blue Ice :

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I'm not going to lie. I completely forgot that GamesRadar existed.

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@edraii said:

Oh, is there any viable pvp build involving MWD's?

I just... kinda love MWD's is all...

The vast majority of the time you'll have an MWD. Sometimes you'll have both an MWD and an AB. It all depends on the role of the ship you're fitting it to and what you expect to be engaging. Lots of factors to consider, but don't worry, we will explain the logic behind the fitting process so you will gain the knowledge to throw your own designs together.

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@mister_v: Do you remember which system we were in at the time you stopped playing? I assume you mean the places we lived after Orvolle (the system we lived in back during the huge fanfest surge) ? After that we moved to Poitot for a brief time, then moved out to the VLGD-R/ 9GYLO pocket, so I'm guessing your stuff is in one of those spots.

Honestly, depending on how much stuff you have, you may be better off just forgetting about it and just getting set up in our new place. It's pretty easy to make isk here and dudes will be more than willing to help you get on your feet if you're space destitute.

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I'm sure the most we will get is a Quick Look, and that's fine by me.

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I don't have any problem with this. Focus on current gen so you can make the game the best it can be. Last gen needs to be put out to pasture.

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This dude made his bed and now he gets to sleep in it. He acted with monumental stupidity, kind of continues to do so, and acts surprised that people aren't very sympathetic. Maybe he shouldn't have acted like a child. Maybe he should have taken a few minutes to think, "Is what I'm about to post really stupid? Yep" and then not posted.

Buddy, if this is "life shattering" then take solace in knowing that no one brought it upon you but yourself.