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This has gotten to the point that I had to make a thread about it. Right around E3 I noticed that the videos being put out were having these strange graphical glitches. Even yesterday's UPF has these blemishes. It's really starting to detract from my experience. Most commonly I see a small part of the screen have artifacting, but lately I'm also seeing it do these crazy flashes of grey. When I comment in videos about what I'm seeing other users are responding saying they are glad to hear it isn't just them, so obviously it isn't just me either. Video on every other site I've tried has been completely fine. I'm including some pictures of what I'm seeing straight from this Quick Look. If any of you other duders are seeing the same stuff, please make it known.

So, is it possible some video equipment is not working correctly recently? Did something take a hit traveling to and from E3? @drewbert

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Single R9 290 here. Gimme dem TressFXs.

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They should've had fewer guests and given them more time. It felt like dudes were coming on stage and being ushered off way too rapidly, especially poor Phil Spencer.

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Well, any way you look at it this is a win for the consumer.

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@amyggen: Thanks. I couldn't find it on the forums and my posting history didn't contain my post so I figured it was gone for good.

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I wish I could continue my line of thought from the previous thread but it has "accidentally" been removed from the forums along with any indication of me ever posting in it. I can't go grab my post from my posting history because it's simply gone. Do the mods not have the tools to bring a thread back from the dead, or at the very least let me view my old post? Please and thank you.

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@robbparris: Right on duder! If you haven't been taken care of yet, be sure to hang out in the "giantbombing" channel as outline in the OP. From there you can at least talk to dudes while your app is being looked at.

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I don’t understand the game mechanics or the political context beyond what I’ve managed to parse from these posts, but I love reading about EVE space politics. Speaking as a political science major, Eve is interesting in that a lot of the same human and procedural dynamics seem to govern it. I follow Toronto municipal politics, and some of this stuff feels amusingly similar. Actually, in some ways, it kind of makes Toronto politics look like amateur hour in comparison :).

Never underestimate how serious some people are about their internet spaceships.

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@austin_walker: Have you had a chance to view the "love letter" penned by a Polish developer illustrating how they (being the Poles) feel on the matter? Link is and yes, I shamelessly stole it from /r/games. I think it explains really well that The Witcher in particular is a celebration of Polish culture. One particular excerpt really stuck with me so I'll share it here, but I really encourage you to read the whole thing.

Now that we understand the sentiment Poles have to their culture, as well as Witcher's place in it lets see how racial quota demands look like in this context. To people from multiracial countries, demanding racial diversity in video game might seem like something good, a progressive thing. However the game is not just any game, it’s Witcher. Game made in country which battled through history to maintain it’s own heritage and language, game which builds upon slavic mythology and promotes it internationally. You're trying to shoehorn foreign elements into their culture, enforce your own standards onto theirs. In case I haven't hammered my point down strongly enough: you have people of a minority culture that were persecuted and discriminated against in last 250 years, who made this awesome work of art that represents them, and you're telling them to change it because it's not American enough.

What would be your response to this?

Edit: Wait, the original thread is completely gone? Can it be restored? Rest in peace 300+ posts of good discussion. This is lame.