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@Jesus said:
I'm psyched.
Thread won. Wrap it up and go home people. Don't even bother trying to top this.
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@lavaman77: My power supply smelled pretty funny right before it gave out and took my motherboard with it. Maybe you should check that. It smelled kind of like heated plastic.
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@LordAndrew said:
@RoujinX said:
So whatever happened to Brad Nicholson?
Patrick had him disappeared. There can be only one.
Are you saying Patrick is actually Highlander? Mind = blown.
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@OdinsThunder: Wait for it ...

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Erotic fan fiction about Giant Bomb staffers.

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Hulk Hogan better rip a shirt off in his honor.

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Man, these guys are as slow as sin. If there was an award for worst customer service they would undoubtedly win it.

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@Afroman269 said:
It only goes off when I go to sleep. I'll keep it on while I'm sleeping if I'm downloading stuff.

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I love it when they just talk about whatever. That usually turns out to be the most entertaining part of the show. You can get gaming news in a ton of different places but I choose to do it here because of the personalities of the crew, and those personalities really shine through when they are allowed to let loose on the bombcast.

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@Damodar said:
Saint's Row 2 is kind of just an atrocious PC port :P Fantastically fun game though!
I can agree with that. It downright chugs at times, especially when you are speeding down the roads. It's unfortunate because it really is fun.

At OP, for me it really comes down to price/performance ratio. I think brand loyalty is silly and would much rather reward who can produce the better product. People have been maligning ATI for their drivers forever yet I still put one of their cards in my machine because it reportedly gave good performance for the cost.

Out of curiosity, how does a developer optimize their game for a particular brand to warrant their specific endorsement? Is it driver compatibility or architecture? I've been wondering this for a long time.