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I'm totally cool with people showing restraint and judging whether or not they have anything of value to contribute to a thread. I almost wish more would do it.

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@quantumshift5: My gut would go with it being a heat issue then. I could be wrong since there are so many parts in a pc that it creates excessive possibilities for trouble, but I'm pretty confident in my conclusion. Do you see any graphical oddities before it shuts down? Any artifacting? That is a pretty telltale sign of overheating.
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I have even been known to punch myself in the face repeatedly just to avoid causing property damage    

... what?
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Does it happen immediately or does it take a few minutes? If it takes a little bit of time it would lead me to believe that components are getting too hot. If it was immediate I would imagine it is a hardware conflict. Now would be a good time to make sure the innards of your pc aren't choked with dust regardless of whether or not that is the problem.

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@Gellrock said:
Dragons were the zombies of videogames before zombies were the zombies of videogames
Exactly. So, if anything, they wouldn't become the new zombies, they would be reclaiming the spot they had before zombies became so popular. Truthfully though, dragons have always been popular.
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I think completely discounting Bioware is downright foolish. Everyone has a swing and a miss once in a while, even the big time AAA studios. I want to see what they can do when their publisher doesn't have their balls in a vice grip and actually allows them to do what they want and take the time they need. Baldurs Gate was the first RPG experience I had and I loved it and the subsequent games. I know they are still capable of recreating that magic.

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@vidiots said:
@Bioderm said:
It's not really expensive
What store would carry it? Best buy? or any store?Also what if i take it off with no thermal paste to add and it wont stick back say if not alot is left?
Most electronics stores have thermal paste, although it may just be their store brand. I can't really speak to the level of quality of those but I got some Gelid off of Newegg for $8 I think back when I put my PC together. If you remove the thermal paste on any part and don't have replacement paste to cover it again I would not use the part until you spread new thermal paste on. The paste fills extremely small imperfections where your part connects with its cooling interface and without that paste small pockets of air will become trapped and become superheated. Long story short, not having thermal paste is a fast track to frying your part unless you have access to engineering grade lapping tools. Lapping will void warranties though.
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@Korwin: I clicked on this thread purely just to figure out what "mack" meant. You should make your links the pretty yellow version, like this:

And I have to disagree with crusader. It adds two more screens worth of real estate just like it would in any other game because that's what the feature does. By his logic having a large monitor period would be "a waste."