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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Minecraft yet.

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My on-demand smile looks terribly unnatural so  I don't really like spur of the moment pictures.

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Considering the fact that new iterations of established sports series hardly every innovate at all and are simply content with updating rosters, I don't really see the point. This year they improved the normal mapping and specular mapping on the football! Wow! /yawn

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Sweet delicious irony.

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If I could have gotten past the combat mechanics which I loathed I'm pretty sure I would have enjoyed the game a lot. The atmosphere and story seemed like they would have interested me, unfortunately other aspects spoiled the game. Here's to hoping the sequel remedies those.

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@FunExplosions: Hmm, maybe I'm just screwed then because the lag I'm getting at the moment is pretty consistent. Resetting my router didn't do anything. Anywho, don't worry about it it's no biggy. I'll let things take their course and hopefully everything will right itself. In the mean time I'll surrender myself to M&B: Warband some more.
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@FunExplosions: Well, to be more specific I meant that there was that long of a delay between me sending a message in chat and it showing up. I just logged on to check again and now it took 68 seconds for my message to show up. 68 MISSISSIPPI SECONDS! :O I want to build stuff and hang with you guys but I suspect no one really wants to deal with that kind of latency. Poor 'Splosions :(
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  You honestly care what this man thinks? Dude is just a pervert that thinks he is funny/intelligent. He is neither.
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Wonder if we are going to fight in the White House again. I don't care very much though because Call of Duty has turned into Madden. Do something new and interesting *please* !

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@FunExplosions: The server is kind of taking a poop at the moment. Literally getting ~40 second lag. Mining the same four blocks has turned into whack-a-mole which is kind of fun and kind of ... not fun at the same time.