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I'm having pretty much zero problems on PS4.

I here ya man. The server filter sucks ass.

Wait wait ... so it isn't just me? I play on pc but have the server browser only return like ... 8 or 9 servers at a time to browse through when I have really open criteria. I think the only limiting criteria I have is the North American region and official servers. Or is this not at all what you meant?

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Will this have a meaningful impact on the brick wall you used to hit around act 3 of inferno? I remember the difficulty ramping up significantly and just getting stuck (solo).

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Thanks for the heads up duder. Monaco looked fun and Antichamber looks super interesting. I don't know much about the rest.

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It's kind of rotten to just lay off the majority of your studio just because you want to do something else. Why can't he just leave and take a few members and then let someone else fill his spot? Why does the studio even need to be closed down in the first place?

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I don't know what the accent is, but Ygritte (the redhead wildling chick) from Game of Thrones has one that I enjoy quite a bit.

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I don't enjoy it. I'm not saying I think it's unbalanced. I think it's just fine from what I've seen so far. If you are able to sneak up on a dude you can get a kill with it, but if you are caught out in the open you're more than likely dead. If anything it seems to be super efficient at mowing down AI so you can get a fast titanfall.

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As a common courtesy thing, people should post when they have taken a key (and indicate which key they took). I don't care personally because I already have a code for PC, but I'm just putting that out there.