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Welcome to the two new duders. You two have big shoes to fill. No pressure! I'm sure Dan will be fine. I'm not very familiar with Jason though.

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Pretty proud of this guy. I wasn't expecting a blog this well put together from someone so new. I'm glad to see you're learning things and having cool experiences.

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So am I the only one that thinks Dinklage has really flat voice acting in the game? It just doesn't sound good.

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Mr. ButtTumblr in the flesh. We could only hope.

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Man, I used to play this game... was mediocre in missions, and even worse at PVP, but it was still kinda fun to see things happen. How hardcore has Kite Co. become now that it's in null?

I'm not saying we're the elite pvp division of the alliance but .......

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@mb said:

WildStar is already "half free to play"

What do you mean by that?

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Yes, but mainly because I have to deal with the Nvidia gameworks nonsense being the owner of an AMD card. The game is already poorly optimized in general, and it is even worse on AMD because they weren't able to have free access to the code or some jazz. This kind of behavior needs to stop.

Also, the game sounds like a competent but otherwise unremarkable product so waiting doesn't bother me.

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Uh, they are going to need more dudes in the SF office asap because the podcast is going to become sparse. Dave is gone, Ryan is gone, Patrick is gone, and now Vinny will soon be gone. That leaves Jeff, Drew, Brad, ??? NEED MORE DUDES! I hope you guys are selective in your hiring because the GB lineup of dudes is something special. Whoever the new hires are will have big shoes to fill.

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If it weren’t for him talking some of the other brass down we would’ve been labeled rebels and hunted by Kite.

Never say never!

I remember when I first started I was totally into the mining thing, as I suspect most newbros are. My very first loss was a Venture in fact. I would go out around ... I think it was Ommare and then to some dead end system to mine with some of you guys. One of you even offered to buy my first mining barge when the time came that I had finished training for it. And then one day you were all gone.

It's to be expected that there will be divergent interests in a group that was as large as ours. You knew what you enjoyed and you pursued it and we did the same. I wouldn't change a thing. Moving to null was great for me, even as a newbro, as I jumped into a lawless area of space where all you need to know is that if they aren't blue to you they may as well be red. Shoot or be shot. No station or gate gun dickery. No (relevant) war decs. People are afraid of null but I think it's the most fun security level of space and easier for someone to understand when compared to low sec.

Anyway, I guess now I have my answer to the question of what you guys do all day. Sounds like mining is secondary to just chilling on comms. I still wonder what you do with the isk you make though, because you obviously aren't losing pvp ships on the regular.