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I'm surprised this topic isn't stickied.

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Man, I haven't played Arma in six months but I kind of have the itch to do it again. I put in close to a hundred hours during the alpha/beta period and had a lot of fun (when I wasn't on a server with a hacker). I just played the vanilla version of the game though, so I don't know anything about Ace or Acre which I'm pretty sure you guys use. Hopefully the game has ironed out some of the weirdness that happened back in the day.

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@christoffer: Wait, I'll edit my response. I thought you just meant having the screen where you could see all the heroes simultaneously. So your screen is getting cut off is what you're saying?

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BF4 is a really fun game .... when it works. It's a shame that I have to use that qualifier, but when you are trying to play with friends or even just by yourself and routinely have game ending bugs it tends to put a damper on the enjoyment.

Edit: Nice video by the way.

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WoW is probably one of the easiest MMOs to get in to. It's pretty straight forward. The character creation screen should have a description of the classes. It's been over three years since I last played, but it was the first MMO I ever played and I picked it up really quickly. If I can do it, surely you can.

Just go from yellow exclamation point to yellow exclamation point to get quests. They usually form a nice chain for you and lead you to the next area when appropriate. You'll get the option to dungeons when the time is right and those will give you some better loot. Lore is kind of hinted at in quest text, so read that if you want that information. Combat, well you just read your abilities and use them in the most effective way for the situation. You'll figure it out. If you have any specific questions, ask them.

If you think WoW is impenetrable you will have a very rude awakening trying other MMOs.

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Now is a very interesting time in the history of Kite Co. and its partners. Having been a member of the Brave Collective for a while now has opened new opportunities and allowed us to accomplish much that we likely couldn't have on our own.

We, as an alliance, also recently joined forces with the alliances Test Alliance Please Ignore [TEST] and Spaceship Samurai [HONOR] to form the HERO Coalition with the intent of trying to shake up null security space, specifically burning the region of Catch to the ground and causing as much havoc as possible. Enjoy our promotional video:

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Join us. Be a part of our young corporation and alliance's history. We have already accidentally some sov space. Who knows what's next!

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If this doesn't pan out, it looks like is a good alternative to taking care of everything in one go. As far as I can tell, you could set the minimum to be as low as 10 shirts and they'd still cost under $20 per.

I'll make sure we look at that since the outlook for the fundraising is pretty grim currently. We're all pretty bummed that this doesn't look like it will make it in this iteration. We really want to get it done so we can share something as a Giant Bomb community and give the staff some shirts as a thank you for all they do, especially bringing us together since a lot of us all joined up after the fanfest coverage last year.

@fisk0 said:

What's the deal with the two S-XL (Rest of the World) at $30 perks? They are worded differently, but seem to be the same thing.

They may very well be the same thing. It is possible it is just a mistake made by the creator. I'll see if I can draw his attention to it and get a response for you.

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23, Male, Utah, LDS, BYU, Business Management (Marketing)

Haven't been to church in a while. I should fix that.

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I have never seen sizing like this before. Which is Medium?

You would select the first option which covers sizes S-XL, then send a direct mail on that site to indicate which size you want.