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I haven't subbed to a magazine in years. The internet just does everything they did but better. I remember back in the day a big draw for me to subscribe to magazines was the almighty "demo disc" .. haha. A relic of a time gone by.

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@arronaxxx said:

So many degenerate nerds wasting their lives away in an imaginary world while making it look like something important. This is really fucked up...

I know, right! Imagine that! On a website about video games of all places...


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You too could be a part of this ridiculous universe with a bunch of awesome duders!

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Also, the interesting tidbit that everyone outside the game loves to latch onto: Converting the isk value of the ships lost to USD via the value of PLEX (an item that can be bought from CCP with real money that is used to extend an account subscription and can be sold on the market) at $20.00 per PLEX and then using the in game isk market value of said PLEX to equate the loss of these ships .... will bring a total $300,000 - $330,000.

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I sent a letter maybe five days ago. It's way more personal. Also, this person doesn't have access to cell phone service/ email on any reliable basis.

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I don't see why not. I don't call my parents by their first names. Now, if I wanted to date a girl that was named Mom ... that would be a problem.

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There is a reason why illegal drugs are illegal. Don't think you magically know better or you end up like this.

It's unfortunate he made the decision he did, but now he is dealing with the permanent consequence.

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@yesiamaduck said:

I night try this game out this week, anyone in the giant bomb corp want to shoot me a trial and beginners guide as it were. :) I only want in if you guys understand I might get hideously confused and bail after a week :D

21 Day Trial

That will give you a 21 day trial. The best beginners guide is doing the tutorials and asking questions in the "giantbombing" channel. If you choose to subscribe I'll receive a plex that I'll gladly split with you so you have some starting cash.

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@sanj said:

It's stuff like this that makes me want to play EVE. But then I do the research and get intimidated by its complexity and stop being interested...until the next one of these threads.

You aren't wrong in thinking Eve is complex. It totally is. However, it isn't some insurmountable learning curve that people make it out to be. Join a good corporation, ask plenty of questions, and you'll have your bearings in no time. I used to be "that guy" that would dump on this game without having a meaningful level of experience with it. Then I hopped into it after the fanfest feature and joined Kite Co. Here I am nine months later, not regretting my decision one bit. Who you play with makes all the difference in the world.