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FWIW my entire app (and the new version coming out shortly) doesn't (and shouldn't) require user authentication from GiantBomb, that would essentially kill my app; it's based around just being able to search and track games and I use GB behind the scenes to sync and offer up the games. I need to use the API key on the server to do all that and I don't want to require people to have a GB account.

I would also appreciate communication from GB when things like rate-limiting go into effect, I just came here looking for something else and saw this thread--how would I know normally about this until it affected my users? With 400 requests every 15 minutes that might be generous but it's not generous when I need to refresh my game cache each night. Now, I can improve the way I do that (i.e. batch it, don't refresh really old games that often, etc.) but I would have liked a warning saying that you guys intend to limit so I have time to do that.

I would also pay money to see a stable API and better support; I understand you can't use the API for commercial purposes but I'd be willing to pay a subscription fee if it meant increased caps, usage reports, support, and a stable API. There's no other API as featured as GB but so far GB API has been a real cluster these past few years I've used it. Honestly, I would prefer a raw data dump of your entire database and pay $30/mo to access it. I'd just use my job to read it, cache it locally in my database, and I can handle all the other stuff myself.

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Far Cry 4's image(s) are broken right now as well:

It should be .jpg (that works). It's borked on the game page itself too:

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I mean the entire site search is also borked, so it's not just an API issue. You'd think you'd roll back to a stable version while this got fixed? It's been 16+ days since this was reported. There's a lot of people depending on this API (including my site). I'd be willing to pay for access if it meant stability and regular updates :)

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I was just hoping changing the protocol would work.

This essentially precludes the ability for my site to work under SSL, since I can't link to Giantbomb images since browsers won't display them. That leaves me two choices: implement a workaround to not have to use SSL or to cache all the images locally (ugh).

On my end I think I can workaround having to use SSL for the game pages but it would be nice not to have to. It's been 6 months, have you guys re-considered?

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Why do people keep reverting the release to 2013? Clearly the planned release is for May 14, which I submitted but it's been reverted again.

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Hey guys,

Is there a way to craft an HTTPS URL for GB images returned from the API? I noticed if I try this:

It actually has a bad certificate; i.e. Akamai is serving the image but the cert is for GB, so browsers deny it unless you add an exception.

This is sort of a big deal if you intend to serve your site over SSL.

Any ideas?

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I would love raw dumps... then I could just cache everything locally.

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@frobie, is it by design to add a container around platforms in search results? Previously it was simply an array of platform objects, now it's an array of containers with a "platform" property that points to a platform. This is messing with my deserialization strategy :( I just noticed this recently. Was there a reason to change it? It's inconsistent now. The game detail resource still acts correctly, "platforms" is an array of platform objects.

Another question: how come all the images are crazy big? Small is still pretty big (601W) and Medium is huge (902W). Fun fact: if I change the URL for a Medium image to use "scale_tiny" it's a more palatable size (300x320). However, "tiny_url" returns a square cropped image, not "scale_tiny" as I'd expect. I'm using Last of Us as a reference.

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Awesome, thanks! I think that clears up my issues.

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@frobie said:

Looks like a ninja push actually happened. Woot!

EDIT: Will fix the expected release date logic.

Awesome. The misspelled "date_last_udpated" field still looks to be outstanding but getting releases by ID and abbreviation are fixed.

Thanks again!

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