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i loved the game and i love the idea of games having commentary (i really wish more did this) but i cant justify buying this again. if you never played it, its a no brainer.

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i started playing it today and have noticed that theres only around 10 players ever! its a fun free to play but ive played the same 3 maps about 50 times now plus i cant really justify buying the z coins to unlock weapons when theres hardly anyone on.

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yeah this game is buggy for sure. im playing on the PS3 and it hasnt ever froze on me its been insanely choppy. last night i simply couldnt use any of my fast travels had to restart then they became active. just met the joker that whole cut scene was literally a cut scene, it was more choppy than jackie chan im still not sure what happened during it. also every time i fast travel i lose audio the entire time, that doesnt bother me that much but still a bug.

side note. i see the patch details you listed above and while its good there fixing it, it pisses me off a little that they shipped a game and took our hard earned $$$ that clearly still had some work left. i dont like how its become acceptable to ship games kind of no matter there state anymore because we'll just patch it later. its not fair to us.

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at first i was like oh shit its johnny we got some trouble on our hands. then it sunk in that johnny is probably just as much of a meth head as his girl is, he looked like a shell of himself no longer the lost mc bad ass. i thought it was perfect to have trevor kill him basically at the drop of a dime because what a more powerful way to introduce us to trevor. once that went down and within 30 minutes you completely wipe the Lost MC off the face of the earth.......just tells you how insane and not to be fucked with trevor actually is.

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i'll be keeping an eye on this thread for epicness!

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i ordered directly from rockstar warehouse for the CE and they not only havent shipped but it seems the $150 they took from my account made its way back!!! no confirmation email yet either. not sure whats going on now.

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@mano521 said:

im sorry but doesnt the crew we started in max payne 3 carry over? why not just join that one? its already got a bunch of people on it

yeah im already a part of the GiantBombsquad for the 360 as well but i think i guess i'll go with whatever squad is playing more.