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yes i found them and loved it. i was secretly hoping an achievement would pop up after though. either way its a nice touch. max payne is one of my all time favorite characters / games

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i just wanted to say the OST is pretty awesome (listening to it now) but the in game soundtrack is amazing. i love how they blend certain music in at key moments. examples being the airport and when you first enter the favelas in brazil. even the club music has a certain authentic feel to it and makes you kind of feel like your really there.

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we are 36 now hell yeah we got this

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at this point i really hope South Park even see's the light of day. i wonder if the Saints Row expansion will release on disc or just for download?

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joined. i look forward to playing with you guys

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cool, i'll be getting my CE some time today when UPS decides to show up. i dont usually bite on CE but i had like $40 amazon credit so i grabbed this CE for grand total of $62 so cant complain. the max statue actually does look really cool though. cant wait to finally play this game.

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if it plays out like the show and lost and damned im happy. oh yeah someone needs to enter a room and say "its smells like gym socks and pussy in here" then i'll know its official

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Capoeira!? ba na na wayyyy ba na na way nana naaaa ba na na wayyyyyyy ba na na way na na na

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thats was a fun read. max is still one of my favorite game characters ever. im really excited to play 3 and currently playing through 2 again to refresh my brain. i remember feeling alot of the same things you did and even though its been nearly 10 years sense payne 2 was released it oddly doesnt feel dated to me. bullet time killing really doesnt get old. all i have to say is even if max 3 doesnt live up to the previous games in my opinion im really happy it exsists and im happy its in Rockstars hands because im personally a big R* fan. of course it would have been bitter sweet if remedy was in charge but we cant have our cake and eat it to i guess.

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i would say hell yeah just for the fact there 2 great games. i played the first one a few times and only 2 once. im currently trucking through 2 again and its awesome i almost forgot about all the little touches remedy put in those games. from the tv shows to posters with sam lake on them,the cleaning guy and mona singing the end credit song at random parts during the game. great stuff. damn max 3 is only 2 days away i cant fucking wait!