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that track is called Tears^

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yes i found them and loved it. i was secretly hoping an achievement would pop up after though. either way its a nice touch. max payne is one of my all time favorite characters / games

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i just wanted to say the OST is pretty awesome (listening to it now) but the in game soundtrack is amazing. i love how they blend certain music in at key moments. examples being the airport and when you first enter the favelas in brazil. even the club music has a certain authentic feel to it and makes you kind of feel like your really there.

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we are 36 now hell yeah we got this

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at this point i really hope South Park even see's the light of day. i wonder if the Saints Row expansion will release on disc or just for download?

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joined. i look forward to playing with you guys

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cool, i'll be getting my CE some time today when UPS decides to show up. i dont usually bite on CE but i had like $40 amazon credit so i grabbed this CE for grand total of $62 so cant complain. the max statue actually does look really cool though. cant wait to finally play this game.

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if it plays out like the show and lost and damned im happy. oh yeah someone needs to enter a room and say "its smells like gym socks and pussy in here" then i'll know its official

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Capoeira!? ba na na wayyyy ba na na way nana naaaa ba na na wayyyyyyy ba na na way na na na

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thats was a fun read. max is still one of my favorite game characters ever. im really excited to play 3 and currently playing through 2 again to refresh my brain. i remember feeling alot of the same things you did and even though its been nearly 10 years sense payne 2 was released it oddly doesnt feel dated to me. bullet time killing really doesnt get old. all i have to say is even if max 3 doesnt live up to the previous games in my opinion im really happy it exsists and im happy its in Rockstars hands because im personally a big R* fan. of course it would have been bitter sweet if remedy was in charge but we cant have our cake and eat it to i guess.