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Mustard goes on hot dogs. Always.

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Seattle, WA, USA

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Was there a decided "Start Time" for everyone? i know time zones are crazy but wanted to know when people were going to kick it off.

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Rad. Also a bummer you don't write more forward facing stuff that often, you can still string some words together pretty damn well. Anyway, i find it super interesting to hear about jobs people have that are a little less common no matter how "flashy" or not they may be. Keep it up.

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On the page the embedded twitch video player appears to be ignoring twitch accounts thus ignoring the twitch turbo flag.


1. login to with a turbo account

2. Go to during live stream

3. Start streaming a video

4. observe ads are visible on first play every time.

This is apparently a problem with the twitch embed code on the page and not on twitch's end (or at least thats what i heard from them). Is this a fixable problem with the current setup? thanks!

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Sure why not

PSN: easilyamazed

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Guess i didnt get an invite on my previous comment but mui@hedonismbot if anyone has time to send an invite. rr guess that might be a not being level 15 thing? been slow, too much candy box.

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I'm 100% in, can't say i'll be able to stick with it with my schedule but mui@hedonismbot