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  • Man of Steel: $70 mil
  • Monster U: $40 mil
  • WWZ: $35 mil
  • Total: $145 mil
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If they created a Feast (or name your horror franchise) DVD boxset with a similar add-in, would it be just as offensive? As Rhianna Pratchett said, there's an established correlation between the horror genre and sex. The sexualization is tacky, but so is the gore. Without the context of "the video game industry is sexist and constantly marginalizing women", I don't think there's much of a controversy here. But I guess context is everything.

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@MB said:

@SuburbanCowboy: There are also local profiles - I'm pretty sure that is what you were using before. During the signup process for GFWL, if you scroll down there is a link to create a local profile. Once you have a local profile you can use it for any GFWL game.

Ah, okay that makes sense. Do you know if I'm able to link an old GFW local profile to a new Xbox Live profile? Having trouble finding the option on the Live login screen
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The games I used to log into with GFW only required a screen name, these Windows Live login prompts require an email. I see no way of logging in with my old screen name. 
I dont even see a way to log into any of this gfw/live shit with just a screen name anymore.

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I bought Bulletstorm last night for PC and it forced me to create a Windows/Xbox Live account, even though I have a Games for Windows account. The process was a total pain in the ass, but w/e, it's a one time thing...
Then today I try to play some Dirt 2, a GFW game, and it's forcing me to sign in with my Windows Live account. Once I do this, it no longer sees my saved data and wants me to start the game from scratch. I'm assuming an identical situation will happen with all the other games I own that previously forced me to sign in with GFW.  I don't even know how to sign in with my old GFW account, the only prompt I get when booting a game up now is for Windows Live.
Has anyone experienced anything similar? Is there any chance I can salvage my saved games? I read somewhere that the saves are tied to accounts, so it's about more than just copying game folders

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@gike987: Thank you good sir!

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Is there a way to get the Bastion achievement without having to delete my save and start over? I'm already towards the end of the game

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@RadBadger: thanks a bunch!
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Silly of me to be surprised by these responses. For some reason I was expecting a warmer community from this site. Serves me right for visiting a forum =/

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oh, thanks dick.

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