Disconcerting Dan Discovery

Tumbling down a YouTube rabbit hole, I managed to end up finding Dan's personal account. After watching the cheerfully silly video of him "Sitting on 142 Whoopie Cushions", I figured it'd be fun to see what else had been uploaded.

Not going to lie, going to his page to be greeted by "Vomiting After Milk Gallon Challenge" was more than a bit startling. Further investigation seems he's uploaded a few other videos also based around bringing and, I can only assume, purging.

You know what?

That shit is super fucking gross and, as lame as it might make me seem, is going to colour my perception of the dude.

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The Ad Bar That Broke The Camel's Back

Eating breakfast as I do my daily Giant Bomb catch up. Something in the ad space catches my eye:

"Woman thought she was pregnant, actually had 5lbs cyst"

Oh, fuck that. No idea what sort of data mining bullshit figured that'd be relevant to my interests, but it's earned Giant Bomb an ad block. I can only put up with so much of this shite. :(

Would rather see big-ass banners for "Sexy RPG: ONLY FOR MEN! Save her heaving bosom!" than gross out tabloid stories. Only time I'd want to hear that kind of thing on this site is filtered through Brad.

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Quick Look Haiku

Blue-Green Vortex Girl
Weird white haircut and ear gils
Taking a space nap

Big head baseball men
Missing legs are real weird, bro
Grotesquely bobbing

Robot in a cave
Giant gem or tiny guy
Question of our age

Three Manly Wizards
Gothic and casual wear
Oh, was that a girl?

Space Marine Shooting
Chain sword and plasma flying
Laying bustas down

Creepy beach vilage
Tribal guys love to party
houses look like bugs

Ready and waiting
Ghoulish Knights and rich Yuppy
Four Fearsom Warlords

Scientists watch in awe
Bright pink fire and yellow bow
Meat piles raining down

Warrior on his back
please help him up, fancy man
Watch for hidden blade

Future soldiers fight
A really huge spider
Oldman will perish

Garish robot pose
you're too big for martial arts
What silly robots

Vast desert, red cloth
something ahead in the dunes
Indie as all hell