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The worst thing about this is that it's now highlighting potentially offensive terms in otherwise innocuous words. Sure an Ass or Arse here and there is all fine and good for a giggle. But Dark Souls looked at Knight and saw that?

Ruined. :(

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I'd like to think this wasn't some cynical cash grab. That Microsoft and 343i have a bit more pride in their work than to knowingly put out a broken game. I mean, I'm certainly not going to pretend I know enough about development to make that call. For now, I've chosen to be patient on the matter. Admittedly, having a stack of other games to play at the moment makes it easier to wait.

So yeah, that probably makes me an enabler and an easy mark for gaming companies. curse my consumer apathy. :P

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I'm the other way around. I run my consoles through a PC monitor.

Probably the more common set up, right?

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One of the problems I had with that Mordor article is the writers assumption that to be a protagonist must be "Lawful Good" to be a protagonist.

No doubt Christopher Tolkien is flipping out at the thought of the game, but I'm pretty sure there is room for stories focusing on characters who become twisted through misplaced ideas of heroism. There's plenty of them in the fiction already, so why not have a story from one of their perspectives?

As for the War on Terror stuff? I'll leave it up to the literary scholars to decide if it "fits" the world or not just because Tolkien didn't like to use explicit allegory.

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Not a popular choice, but I'd love to see a Perfect Dark collection on Xbox One.

Take PDZ and the XBLA Perfect Dark, up-res them and smooth out the frame-rates and I'll be there day one, cash in hand.

Mentioned already, but The Darkness, even just a PC release, would be immense. Loved that game, but it really needed more powerful hardware.

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I damn near choked when Dan dropped that line. It was dumb before hand, but things got legendary real quick.

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Anyone in the UK up for some competitive/co-op blasting once it's finally working?

My tag is: SubwayD

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Not played since the Dreamcast. Sounds like fun!

So, is there a client I should download or... what? I'm not sure how the PC version was set up.

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Oh my, yes!

This is one game I regret not playing more of, despite really enjoying what time I spent with it.