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Finally listened to the Bombcast. Three better than one?

Dan, I'm sorry but we could never be friends.

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Oh man. I feel kind of bad for joining the EU clan last night, then leaving it this morning.

I just wanted to go it on my own for a while, see how thing pan out before committing to anything big. Please understand. :(

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I need to watch Salvation again to make sure, but I'd say it was way, way better in tone and setting than 3. Rise of the Machines was some dumb-ass family comedy. Make the scary unrelenting killing machine a funny buddy and the baddie little more than some pandering sex appeal. Bullshit, all of it!

At least Salvation returned to a darker, tone and tried to make Terminators scary again, even if it did bring along some dopey story baggage along with it. Plus it gets a pass in my books as I was one of those kids who'd rewind and watch the future scenes over and over because those were just so bad-ass.

But, if we're talking the best film of the series, it's got to be The Terminator. Two is a damn impressive film, but there's a little too much of that softness showing through. I prefer hard cyber punk industrial nightmares, not "Now I know why you cry".

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Two Xbox One codes:



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When playing something in one of my genre of choice, I'll go for the hardest they allow me to right off the bat.

Nothing makes you learn a game and it's mechanics quicker than having it fight back.

But, like others have mentioned, going into strategy games and the like, it's more about a slow ramp up in difficulty till I hit a sweet spot of challenge.

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Of what I've seen:

  • X-2
  • The Wolverine: Extended Cut
  • First Class
  • X-men
  • The Last Stand

Currently waiting patiently for Future Past on blu-ray after hearing all the hype. Also never seen Origins and plan to keep it that way.

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Funny you ask as I found this gem yesterday.

I don't get it. :(

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@dudeglove said:

^ sums up my reaction. Hoo...I'm just not cut out for this whole internet thing some days.

To Matt Rorie and the mods. Thank you for keeping things under control.

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I can only wish the best to all his family, many friends and everyone whose life had been made better by knowing him.

You are missed. :(

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This has been bugging me. A sci-fi strategy game that I want to say was turn based. I can't remember too much, outside of it having base management screens that looked like they were from Master of Orion 2, only it was an early 00's era game with that faux-windows look to it.

I also distinctly remember them playing up one of the alien races. A sort of bear looking thing. The body of a Krogan from Mass Effect with the face of the Fizzlybear from Viva Pinata. I can just about picture how they looked on the box art, and a vague memory of icons of them on an Alpha Centauri like map screen.

Real vague, I know. I just remember buying the game, not liking it and giving it to a friend who ended up getting super deep into it.