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Late 90s isometric sci-fi shooter like the Crusader games. Had the same sort of look, only the sprites were much bigger, or seemed that way back then. The characters you played as were robots/guys in power suits, each a primary colour. I want to say it was squad based, where you could switch guys.

Only other solid memory was that the demo level had this two story sci-fi building that you could enter, and the ground outside was kinda snowy.

Pretty vague, but does anyone have any idea what it might be?

Edit: Uh huh. Went to the Crusader: No Remorse page and, would you believe it? The game I was thinking of was listed as a similar title.

Total Mayhem.

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@exiledastronaut: Barely a game. Barely even interactive.

Not sure what the actual term is for such programs, but it was one of those simple desktop toy/novelty collections that was all the rage in the 90s.

Pretty sure I was so disgusted with the "game" and myself that I straight up put it in the trash.

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To this day, I have no idea what I was thinking. Just walked into a shop with some cash to spend and bought... this.



Edit: Oh, you mean recently?

Well, I was really interested in Titanfall. And then, on a whim, I just blew that cash on Forza 5 for no reason. I'm not even a car fetishist or particularly enjoy racing sims.

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They've left the "do not move with disk in tray" sticker on the Xbox!? D:

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Tried playing Dark Messiah of Might & Magic the other day. Didn't even make it out of the tutorial before a dreadful, nauseous headache kicked in. There's something about how Source engine games move that makes me sick as a dog.

Then again, it might have been exacerbated by eating something funny before hand.

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Tekken X Street Fighter (I don't even like fighting games)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Because everyone was telling me it was great. Oh GAF)

Atelier something-or-other: The Alchemist of something. (Because the only place I can stomach JRPGs is on handhelds)

All bought for full price digital on the Vita. All massive regrets that I can't shift in any way. more fun when, converted from pounds, that's $180 spent on stuff I couldn't be gassed playing more than a handful of times. It's times like those that I curse both my buying habits and the finality of this upcoming all digital future.

Also bought a second hand WiiU and was like Whyyy?

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The Mist - 5/5

Awesome pulpy old school horror/thriller. Very much a Stephen King page turner made film. Also, if you're going to watch it, B&W version only. Gave it a cool retro Twilight Zone/Outer Limits vibe.

Side Effects - 3/5

What felt like it was going to be a stylish critique of modern psychology and it's reliance on pills suddenly flips the script an hour in. I felt somewhat betrayed, but unsure if it's the good kind where I'm invested in the story and characters, or the bad kind where the writer and director screwed the film over for the sake of a plot twist. Will re-watch.

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Only really sunk time into four games so far in 2014. Hold on to your butts!

Craft The World: First thing I played in the year. Fun little time waster.

SimCity: Yeah, it's not the best SimCity. Yeah, it's kind of busted. Doesn't stop it from being fun to tool about in.

Shining Force: Playing at night on the PSP. It's pretty interesting, but the translation job is all over the place and it's way too forgiving.

And abandoned my attempt at Phantasy Star on the master system when I wiped my save maybe 10ish hours in.

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I own multiple versions of all three Postal games + plus their expansion packs, most of which bought directly from RWS. :(

That means I'm essentially partially responsible for funding Postal 3... Sorry about that.

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It's Black Mesa all over again!

Let's see what Bethesda thinks of this.

@theht said:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, there's a mod that ports Oblivion over to Skyrim you say?

I think it was a reference to the fact these guys have tried to recreate Morrowind before using the Oblivion engine. Last I heard is that it kind-of worked, but is mad janky.