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As long as the series remains awesome, I don't have a problem with another one coming out. I'd really like to see more Desmond, though! I feel that the series is his story, but he gets so little attention in the games.

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Insanely excited about the Alan Wake announcement.

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@groin said:

Tomb raiding for Triforces in Indiana.

Wow, I wouldn't have ever gotten that third one without this hint.

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I remember when I was younger and I first discovered Leisure Suit Larry among the millions of pirated Amiga games that my cousin owned. At the time, it seemed really exciting, probably because the subject matter was considered "adult" to my 10 year old brain. Now that I'm nearing 30, I just kind of roll my eyes at the whole thing.

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@Winternet: I will also make sure they buy their own video games. From now on, I'm going to be one stingy bitch.

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@Example1013: lol I have one. Everyone on it is mine because he's so anti-Sony.

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@FluxWaveZ: Yeah, that's probably the way that's most fair.

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I broke up with my boyfriend on Saturday. After four years of only seeing him for two weeks out of any given year, I just couldn't take it anymore. Since we weren't living together, there's nothing to separate and return between us.

Nothing but our video games, anyway.

He used to have an Xbox 360 until it broke and I've got two, one for my bedroom and one for the living room, so he could only play when he was here. But he's paid for some of those games and I've bought others as gifts to him. So what do I do with the ones that are "his?" He doesn't have a system to play them on and they've been in my possession since purchase. I guess legally, that would make them mine, but I don't know if I could feel comfortable hanging onto the collector's edition of New Vegas I bought him or the copy of Dead Rising 2 he bought for himself last year. These are games that I, most likely, will never play anyway, so I might as well ship them to him.

And what about DLC and XBLA games? Even though we made those purchases together, they're still tied to his account. Sure, I could access them until he got a new Xbox and transferred licenses, but what then? All the Borderlands DLC will be gone and I'll have to purchase it again just to play the save I have. Same with with my daughter's save of Beautiful Katamari. He had bought some of the extra stages and now I'll have to foot that bill if she ever wants to play it again.

The whole thing is frustrating as hell. I think the next time I get into a relationship with someone, we'll have to have a contract that states exactly what will happen to the video games in the case of a break up.

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RIP Steve Jobs :(

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I figure that people are going to label me anyway, so I might as well label myself.

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