Actually Trying to Beat Games

I have a huge list of games that I own and haven't beaten yet. I guess I should try and beat some of them, yes?
I'm playing a few games at the moment, but the one games I decided to power through and beat was NBA Ballers: Chosen One. It came for free when I bought a used PS3. What a terrible game. It's very buggy (the announcer frequently says the wrong score) and there are a lot of things that feel like they just weren't thought through. For instance, there is a challenge where you have to do all 5 different super moves to win the match. The super dunk, however, automatically wins the match should you score with it. If you do the super dunk without doing the other 4 super moves, you win the match without having had to complete the challenge for real. Add to these problems that the actual basketball isn't that fun (just do the same move over and over) and the end result is a pretty bad experience over all.
At least it's done and I can cross it off the list of games I need to complete. On to better games hopefully.


S Rank Update

Quick update on my quest to get my first S Rank.
Going through Portal's challenge maps a little. Finishing the levels with the least portals is doable I think since I'm decent at puzzly stuff. Beating them in the required time will just take practice. It's the step challenges that are the hardest. I was only able to get a bronze on the first challenge map. There must be some technique on getting from portal to portal in the least number of steps I'm missing or something. I guess a lot of portals directly underneath yourself is the best move.
Tried a little of Braid to see how fast I could go through it. Once I beat it a year or so ago I uninstalled it. Coming back now, it's pretty clear that I'm going to need a lot of practice if I'm ever going to beat this one. Could be a good challenge to invite some friends over to play. Get drunk, mess around with time some, the usual.
Batman is going slow but steady. I've also started playing Shatter which is an amazing game. There are some co-op challenges which is a good excuse to get the girlfriend playing. Could take some time to get all the achievements, but seems doable. The soundtrack is so good anyway. I could listen to it for a long time, at least until my supply of E runs out.


The Quest for an S Rank

Enough dilly dallying around. It's time I put some effort into this and finally get at least one S-Rank. I've got a couple games that I think I can achieve this with.
I've gone through the story, beaten the advanced maps. All that's left to really do is find the missing radio signals and then get to work on the challenges. They look tough, but Portal is such an enjoyable experience that I'm looking forward to it. It's been awhile since my brain has had a good workout anyway. 
I just need to do the speedrun. This looks tough, and I normally hate being rushed in games. Still, Braid is an excellent game and with enough practice, I hope I can beat the game in under 45 minutes.
Batman: Arkham Asylum
I recently beat this on normal and it was an absolute blast. I'm working on 100% the normal run which could be tough. The combat challenges are very tricky since you really have to maximize how many points on each enemy. The stealth challenges are a bit easier since, for the most part, I can take my time with them. Eventually I'll come back and beat the game on hard. Looking forward to running through such an amazing game again.
There it is. Three chances at my first S-Rank. It's going to be tough, but I'd hate to have all these games and not master at least one.