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I was told by various forum-peoplez that it's nearly impossible to make a Shepard look good in the first Mass Effect, apparently they "look like frogs". So I decided to give it a shot. I agree that there aren't a whole lot of variations as there could be, but for a game of it's time it is pretty impressive.

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So here's my challenge for the rest of you. Post your Shepard on here and the next poster can say what they like/don't like about them and then post their own.

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Not only are we getting Battlefield 4 with 64 players on the console. With extensive detailed improvements on Frostbite Engine 3, and even more weapons and customization, with realistic warfare, limited ammo, and a new Chinese faction...(For those of you who played BF3).

But....DICE is going to make our Battlefront 3 dreams happen.

It leaves a lot of room for speculation as well. Plus a cool looking story mode.

Pre-Alpha footage....

some with commentary

I was hoping they would make it a little bit more like BF3 or BF4, but i'm glad they stuck to the old ways.

I like how you can go from planet to space now, seems like a very "Levolution" type of style.


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Nice. I remember the days when 80 was the cap

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@j0lter said:

I quit Everquest because of how badly changed everything got... I was geared out in full fabled raid gear from the expansion that upped the level cap to 90, and then Destiny of Velious came out and basic quest reward gear was better. I just lost my will to keep trying with that game.

I feel your pain.

I was a Nagafen PvPer Sufferthorn, Melee Warden.

When they created the Warfields and the Guild Halls, things got annoying. Qeynos felt like a ghost town, yet the server was populated as everyone lived in their little guild-hall hidey holes.

I couldn't go into SS and wage war anymore. So i quit, and it's too bad too, because i loved that game, good times.

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@Inkerman said:

Give control to the players, let the players make the world. EVE did this brilliantly. Also if you making a PVP MMO with two or more different factions, then make it possible for real changes in the game, not just static faction zones and contested zones. Imagine an FPS the size of WoW's map, and scattered like towns were certain things which would give advantages to that team, oil wells, mines, fortresses, etc, and there was a constant war over these resources, as well as over the general wilderness itself, and guarding and protecting these resources required real coordination from each team.

This, and i've always wanted to play EVE, but i just don't have the time for it, it would consume way too much of my hours.

I'd like to see that and a sort of forced hierarchy. With a PvP game, make it so that the guy with the most kills on his faction rules as King, and is able to declare war or make peace with the other rulers of a faction, securing that lands resources, this of course would require multiple factions (maybe 7 or so).

Along with this, it'd be nice if you didn't have to be tied down to a faction, you could "leave" your faction and become a renegade of sorts, scavenging and stealing to survive, crafters and farming players would have to be warey of such players. (This would require the possibility of stealing resources/money off a player) of course it would be bad if these players could steal your mega-awesome-sword-you-worked-2-years-to-get, and would cause rage, but stealing resources and/or money would seem perfectly acceptable to me. I'd be more careful when going out into battle.

I've always wanted to play a Thief and go steal anything that wasn't nailed to the floor. But it would have to be implemented properly, and it is quite a possibility if people don't rage-mode the way devs tend to do about little mechanics like that.

Real-time fighting would be nice as well. I'm sure it wouldn't be that difficult to implement an Oblivion-style combat or something, letting those who are Archers to snipe from a distance, Warlocks and Wizards with the most powerful spells would be feared, Warriors would be fear-less shock troopers who dare charge into the face of an arrow or spell.

Or like you FPS would be amazing. Soldiers fighting constant war over each resource and being unable to gain certain advantages without them.


but none are willing to take the risk and create such a game....but if anyone ever does it properly, they will make $Millions

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@xaLieNxGrEyx said:

I used to want to play Mass Effect

After all these threads I never want to see it again

Play it anyway, it's an awesome game. I Loved it.

Ignore the complaining

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Well if that's true....the Indoctrination Theory will only exist with those who are too stubborn to accept the final edit because of their own tireless playthrough.

Which is fair, since that's what they shouldve got in the first place. The community deserved it anyway.

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@Jeust said:

I think the next generation will suck balls!

As the graphics will be incremented with higher resolutions and budgets, they will provoke both the rise of prices and a slower flow of games released. Fewer companies will be able to meet the requirements for what's expected of a full fledged release.

I sympathize with you.

What are my fears exactly? Well.....companies will come out with games that have Amazing graphics, far surpassing the eye-popping power from Final Fantasy, Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, Skyrim, etc

Do I Love eye-popping graphics? Absolutely, it is one of my favourite things. But I hate graphics when they compromise the budget of a good story and the money to be able to make a long-lasting game that i will be able to spend time playing without ripping through it and wondering why it was so easy....Oh, wait, that's right, because it's not mean't to be challenging, it's just supposed to LOOK good

man. :P

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He just has to have 3+ people survive. >_>

Worst. Shepard. Ever.

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Yes, I figured A THOUSAND years of experience would mean something though. But i guess not. My 2nd choice wouldve been Garrus...and turns out i shouldve chosen him. Oh well. :P


I saved all of the crew, sent Garrus to help them get back, Thane and Kasumi helped me fight the reapers, both were loyal, both lived, Kasumi is my favourite fighter(not as a character though, as cool as she is), the way she zips behind an enemy and takes em out, made my job a lot easier, and Thane is my favourite character other than Garrus.

I really liked Tali, but i don't think I had the love for her that everyone else did. I didn't romance anyone though, so maybe it gets more attached? I dunno, i was sad to see her die though, i felt bad, but i wasn't gonna let Miranda lead, i didn't trust her.

In the end...Miranda is a real trooper though...her disagreement with Jack made it hard to patch up.


I thought about reloading, but i decided to live with my decisions and consequences. Seemed hollow to go and rewrite my actions, since the game was made to turn out depending on what you choose to do.

I made a real impact because of my morals, my ideals and my choices on the battlefield, i liked that, even if i had to lose Tali, or Legion or Miranda(which is who i lost)

I really felt the hurt in ME-3 though, because i had to destroy the Geth, and i feel i couldve kept them togethor if the real Legion and Tali were alive.

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