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Trying to manage time and complete my current collection games to make way for older games I want to play and upcoming games is becoming a daunting task.  Have to balance that line of rushing through a game but also enjoying the experience and the game. Currently on the play list,

  • Bioshock (PS3) - Early in game
  • Little Big Planet GOTY (Playing with son) - Early in Game
  • Mass Effect 1 (XBOX360) - About 16hr in game doing a lot of side missions.
  • Modern Warfare 2 (PS3) - Doing special-ops with my wife.
Currently waiting to be played are Mass Effect 2, Batman Arkham Asylum. I also plan on picking up FFXIII, Heavy Rain, Dragon Age and with the price drops I plan on getting Resistance 2 and InFamous.  Also want to get Shadow Complex due to the ravings on the Bombcast. JFC probably will finish by 2011 just on this currently slate. Was also tempted to get Just Cause 2 for some open world madness, but I will probably just wait until Red Dead Redemption for that fix. 
Anyways, good times ahead.