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Players from WoW have been suspended for exploiting raid content, among others, in original vanilla Naxx if you killed Heigan during the dance phase on the platform, you could loot him and he would respawn.

On the flip side for Kripp, he knew this wasn't "working as intended" and should've known better than participating. I personally do not agree with a permaban, but ideally if you have an influence, experience of other MMOs (and their policies) he probably should've told the people who was telling him about it to stop it and tried to get in contact with someone about this problem.

It really sucks for those that are coming into this game fresh, don't know the back history of MMO polices, don't go on reddit, forums or whatever and come across this situation in game. Seems simple enough, buy something for cheap, vendor it for a profit. Why not continue to do it?

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Kripparrian's banned has been upgraded to a perma-ban. While I agree in an earlier post here where you really don't know what happens when a player says he was unfairly banned/suspended/whatever, this occurred live and what he described in the video is how it went down.

Kripparrian seems to have a target on him as he is livestreaming to thousands so any "taking advantage of a system" does not look good. It happened in D3 as well, where even he was at 30k viewers for HC Diablo a Blizzard CM on twitter basically downplayed the kill because a week earlier Kripp and his buddies were spreading rumors around of duping.

Obviously, ANet isn't messing around and people just have to adjust I guess.

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Put my name on the spreadsheet. Excited to join, will be playing a lot.

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I sent a tweet to Patrick on other instances, like on Day 2 of Tekken from 1:42:00 and other times during that day, Aris with camera focused sorely on Miranda's feet and other areas.

There are many and basically countless times of instances throughout the streams every day. Sherryjenix was also invovled to participate in juvenile actions to the amusement of Aris.

My personal opinion is Aris, who mind you, has stated multiple times on the stream and prior to even joining the show that he has lost count on how many times he has been written up (at real jobs) for sexual harrassment. He wears it as a badge. He crossed the line many times here, but everyone knew it was going to happen.

Ultimately, the person in charge of this production and in direct charge of the contestants failed miserably on multiple fronts.

I also believe for the full narrative, one must also know the actions, reactions of Miranda. After she was wrongfully muted during the Jared/Haunts/Aris debacle, they let her voice what she wanted to say. Which in turn she ended up discussing the Korean penis size and how she likes the way black guys hit on her.

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NBA 2K11 will not go out of the top 10. Very impressive.

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Just to put in my experience today in purchasing Portal 2.

Went to local Toys R Us to get both Mortal Kombat (360) and Portal 2 (PS3) for the $50 gift card at around 5pm. PS3 versions were sold out and there was only 1 XBOX 360 version left, while I wanted to take advantage of the PC copy the PS3 version provides,  I ended up getting that 360 copy because I wanted the gift card and it was too late (re:i'm lazy) for me to go to another Toys R Us that had stock.

I was sorta surprised that Portal 2 was sold out on both platforms, I didn't believe it as I cannot remember the last time a high profile game was sold out at any of the retail stores that I frequent but the employee, manager double checked and they were all out of stock.  No clue on the quantity that was supplied to them but employee said he was consistently selling Portal 2 for the day. MK9 had a decent amount of copies still left on shelves of both versions so maybe Portal 2 wasn't as a high order.

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Awesome. I just finished the first best of show last night and thought it was excellent throughout.

I didn't know Garnett Lee was married. I've only listened to him on Weekend Confirmed from late 2010-present and I do not think his wife was mentioned (I could be wrong obviously).  Without sounding too creepy, is he still married?

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I subscribed to 3killabytes on YouTube when they had a very early video review of Red Dead Redemption and earlier today they put up their Black Ops one. Obviously, a bit of spoilers for those wanting to go in fresh.


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After playing more, no matter which option I'm choosing for team scoring (Off, Team, FFA) Player 1 is not gaining any credits and/or progression in rank - While Player 2 is getting all the credits along with natural rank progression. 
This occurs in co-op campaign and in Firefight mode.  Is this working as intended? Bug? Or am I missing something that might've had this happened. Only thing in option that I have changed is subtitles ON, everything else is on default. 
I don't think this has any relevance, but I dunno - Player 1(Me) has XBOX Live Gold while Player 2 does not have any XBOX live. Again don't think that matters, but just saying.

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Hey all, 
Sorry if this has been covered (probably has) but looking for some information regarding the scoring, specifically team scoring in the co op campaign.  I currently do offline co-op split screen with my son on easy, no skulls and put the scoring option to Team. After a couple of missions, there is no credit breakdown or any notifications of who is getting credits. When looking at our profiles, I am getting 0 credits while my son is getting some. Is this normal? Preferably I want both of us to acquire points after each mission. 
Under Heroic solo campaign, the points breakdown after each mission is there. Mainly this is concerning the co-op.