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Amazingly addictive game. 0

After hearing about this game through 2 different video game podcasts, I decided to take the massive leap of buying this game (lol@$1.99). At first it is a trial and error of getting used to the controls and movements. Starting games typically lasted around 10-30seconds and you wonder how this game is any good, or you just truly suck and want to move on to something else. But there is also something else at this point, you think and want to do better. You know you can. So I kept playing along an...

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God of War III 0

God of War 3   Playstation 3 Release Date: March 2010   God of War III is the third title of the God of War console series and the first title in the series for Playstation 3.  The character you play as is Kratos who is determined to get his revenge, vengeance on the Gods who is led by Zeus.           Graphics/Presentation   As the game starts and throws you right in the battle riding the Titan Gaia, it puts you right in the ...

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The Standard of MMO games. 0

Approaching it's 6th year since release, it is still the standard of what all other MMORPG games are measured to. Whether it is graphics, artwork, quest/leveling system, classes, etc they are all compared to the standards of what World of Warcraft (WoW) set and continues to set.    As it continues to spurn out expansions, the game thrives and is becoming even more popular as the years go on.  The ability to draw in the casual, first-timer players to MMORPG is a testament on how great the appeal ...

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