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Great expansion maps, but too high a price 0

The First Strike Map Pack adds 4 new competitive multiplayer maps as well as one new Zombie mode map to the already insanely popular FPS.  The total price for these maps, which do not appear to be already "on-disc," is about US $15.  While the maps are phenomenally done, the price point unfortunately has swollen to nearly unacceptable levels.  However, if you want to continue playing Black Ops Online, you are going to need these maps.The Multiplayer Maps:Overall, these maps are a fantastic addit...

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The Best FPS available for the Wii 0

The current generation of gaming has become known for some less savory trends.  Tacked on multiplayer, offensive in-game advertising, and of course, "let's make every license into  a shooter" all point to disappointing design decisions made by corporate number crunchers simply looking to maximize profits by hitting the lowest common denominator, rather than focusing on well made, thoughtful, meaningful games.   The Call of Duty series began as a primarily PC focused series, and then quietly beca...

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Angry Birds: Halloween Provides More Quality Gaming, For a Price 0

Angry Birds is clearly a leader in smartphone gaming.  Although the game has undergone several free updates adding new levels, new worlds, and at times, new birds, apparently Rovio Mobile decided it was time to cash in on their success, and released Angry Birds: Halloween as a separate download.  Whooo... spooky trees! Priced at $0.99 in the iTunes App store, surely this game will draw some quick criticism from outraged fans.  After all, since my purchase of the original game over a year ago, th...

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Multiplayer Insanity Abounds with General Chaos 0

What would you get if you took the over top explosion and destruction from an action war game and combined it with the pacing and planning of a real time strategy game?  Probably something like General Chaos.  General Chaos takes the over the top action and insanity, and throws in some squad based tactics and a rock-paper-scissors troop balance to create an experience unlock any other on the Genesis.  While the single player leaves much to be desired, grab a second player and the fun never stops...

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A Near Perfect iPhone Game, Hampered Only By a Better Competitor 0

Crush the CastleArmor GamesiPhone$0.99Crush the Castle (CtC) is another physics based destruction game, very similar to  Angry Birds.  Crush the Castle was originally a flash game on the ArmorGames site, and if you want a nice preview of the App, I suggest you go check it out.  The original game has spawned both a sequel and a pack of user designed levels, as well as this iPhone game.I originally fell absolutely in love with this game, and it was in fact my first paid app on my phone.  The actio...

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The first MUST BUY iPhone game 0

Angry Birds is a physics destruction game that had you launching objects at various buildings, with the attempt to knock them over.  Similar games including Armor Games' Crush the Castle and Donut Games' Castle Smasher.  I'm not sure which came first, but Angry Birds, from Rovio Mobile, is clearly the best.  At $0.99, this game is a must buy for anyone with a supported device.In the game, you launch birds from a slingshot into buildings constructed of wood, glass, stone, and various other sundry...

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