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I put it on the Z button because N64 games are best played on the GameCube controller.

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PM me if you've got Fortune Street and want to play a game online

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I'm willing to bet most of the people at this site didn't even realize there were online multiplayer games, but as someone who has spent many an idle hour playing Fortune Street and Dr. Mario Online RX with random strangers over the internet, this is a huge bummer to me. Here's hoping someone finds a way to tunnel into online play for at least these two games, if not any of the others. Nintendo posted a list of affected games, here. Read them and shrug (unless you're like me, in which case, you'll weep.) Any games on there that you're gonna dust off for the last 3 months they're playable online?

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I'm having the same problem with firefox version 27.0 and Windows 7. I managed to watch the Jazz Punk quick look through and yesterday's Spelunkin' with Scoops through twitch though.

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@shagge: You've just about got it... finish it up with some Dave/Vinny and you're good to go.

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I've got like the best timing. I've got the ur-timing.

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So did his flu shot paralyze him, or is the app I use to check twitter broken?

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@kaineda77: I'm pretty sure that with the money Disney's bringing in off of Infinity, that Johnny V could simply buy Giant Bomb, never mind work for them. But I agree with the sentiment that it should be a veteran dev.

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I think it would be neat if they had a part-time contributor who was a full-time indie dev... and while I'm not saying this for the sake of PCness or whatever, but I really think that if GB brings on another staff member, it should be someone who isn't a white male.