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May as well have no loot at all in the game, just progression

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@qwinn: I know, except that I'd pay 65 dollars to ship that default shirt I'm never going to wear instead of 35. That's why a promo like this was interesting to me in the first place.

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Mario and also other franchises Kart

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@rorie: Is there a way to checkout with Paypal for this? I think it's a nice promo, since I won't have to bother with overseas shipping etc. but I credit cards aren't too popular here.

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Summonable NPCs who are needed for achievements got buffed. Great

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@aetheldod: There is no achievement related to either a 'no death run' or 'no bonfire resting run'. The rewards are only items.

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I always feel bad for Vlambeer

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@rubberluffy said:

Hunter x Hunter episode 1:

Episode 116:


And that for someone he only met in this Arc, it could have been alot worse >.>

@mezmero: I really hoped One Piece would pick up some speed in the new Arc, but it doesn't even cover a chapter in an episode and 9 of 24 minutes are spent doing intro song, intro to the series, recap and outro and then they show a blind man walk down a street and gamble for 15 minutes, just wtf. I'll just watch it in streaks of 10 now I think, because I'd barely be behind anyway.

@alwaysbebombing: Yeah, why waste the perfect opportunity to finish off one of the royal guards. It's really disrespectful to Kite as well, since he would have wanted him to do it for sure, when there's not even a reason to think he will get back to normal or to trust her.

Can't wait to see what else Netero has in store for us though.