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Unfortunately in my second (and imported) ME2 Tali decided to die at the suicide mission. She did not in the first (everyone survived), but there were other choices I liked better, so I carried with this import.

I think I got other points in the 5 point goal, nevertheless peace option never came up.

Anyways, the Quairans were the bad people in this matter, as sad as it was, they had to go. :(

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Normally, I impose a self media block for the games I did not play yet, however after seeing 90% backlash against the ending, I've decided to research what was going on (I'm yet to receive my copy in the mail, it should arrive tomorrow). For this time, I'm glad I ill be emotionally ready for this train wreck.

However after reading so many theories, and hearing about the discussions of the leaked script, I think the original ending was not supposed to be like this.

It would sound very lame, but it might be the case that they could not finish it up for certification, or heck, could not fit it on the DVD, and had to cut the content short.

I hope I'm not right.

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@drhans said:

" Let Them Eat Cake
1. The student game a certain Orange Box game was based on.
2. The name of that Orange Box game.
3. The name of the sequel to that game.
4. The review page of that game. 
(If you needed these hints, that's sad. I won't judge you, though. Now go play Portal!!)

Can't Let You Do That, Duder
1. Pretty much tells you. Antagonist in Portal 2.
2. Also a Portal 2 character.
3. A full list of characters linked on a concept page. Probably one that #1 is on.

To the Shredder 

1. A corporation (location page!). One, perhaps, having something to do with Portal.
2. A corporation (location page!). One, perhaps, also having something to do with Portal and the Half Life universe.
3. A corporation (concept page!). One, perhaps, not so resident to the Half Life universe. Maybe more evil?
(Other corporations might work for this, but those were the ones that got it for me.)

1. Writer of said song.
2. "Singer" of said song. 
3. Concept page. About music. And credits.
More than helpful thanks.

Still I hated the last of "Can't Let You Do That, Duder"... :)
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What? It's the easiest quest, and there is no way to earn it?

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This is the first quest I was able to finish without searching for clues in the forum, yay!
It was actually fun, and did not contain obscure references.

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@JokerFrown said:
"I'm almost done with the game and let me just say this.  Music Box SUCKS!!!  The only down side to this otherwise amazing game.  Three chapters left for me and Im done!



It does not suck, but definately too big of a change from the regular pacing of the game. Normally I'm not good at platforming, and it cost me a lot of time to go through the box.
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@Tennmuerti said:

"Dodge, block and counter.  Dodge is the easiest to use but also takes the longest to kill monsters, take a couple hard swing, dodge, a few swings, dodge, etc. Countering is very very effective and allows you to deal tons of dammage, but you need to learn the timing. To be fair timing on countering is way more generous in this game they say in Bayoneta. If you are surrounded by small monsters learn the hard-light-light-light combo, the first hit is for the bigger guy, the later hits keep the riff raff away. A lot of weak monsters can be killed in one move, just by grabbing them. Most monsters will not allow you to complete a full combo on them, they will block and bitch-slap you. Daggers simply pwn werewolves. Also if you need breather time, learn the air grab, jump up, grab a a dude and wail on him in the air, rinse repeat. Go back to previous levels and practice on easier enemies as well as find as many hidden items as you can.There are quite a few strategies.




I had the same problem, and the same solution worked for me.  Counter gives you an attack bonus and a few free hits on many enemies, and thusis my first choice. It does not work for everyone though, some smaller ones are better dealt with single hit grabs, and some bosses have so many non-counterable moves, it's better to evade. However once you get the hang of it, it becomes very entertaining.
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Don't worry about the frame rate. It sure does get choppy, but when you realize the scale of things going on the screen it becomes understandable. 
I wish they had time to optimize this more, however it contains some of the largest levels I've played in a while.
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So they think they're entitled to preferred treatment, since they paid $10.
For $10 you cannot even get a month of WoW, or even a decent meal at many restaurants. But you can get whining and DDoS on the Internetz!

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You're right.
It's like listening to an opera, without understanding the language. The feeling is good, but it would be better if you knew what they told.
Anyways, I hope they do not decrease the value of the choices we did in ME1 during ME3 because of this change.

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