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Reminded me of 9:20

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@krullban: You are quite right about the mechanics, the crafting system and the main questline being superior, I agree with you fully. But you also have to take into account that these systems arose as incremental changes to Fallout 3's system, which was the first run at this Bethesda style open world in a post-Apocalypse setting. Furthermore what I begin to realize as I pondered this question is how integral the world is, and that these Bethesda style RPG's-for me Fallout 2 as well (only older fallout game I've played) set the world as the main character and not yourself. I believe these games live in die upon the interest that their world generates. I don't find myself looking up wiki entries for individual characters, because frankly none of them are that great, but I have spent hours reading about the world Bethesda expanded upon. In my opinion Fallout 3 creates a far more interesting expansion onto the Fallout lore than that of NV, and makes it my favorite of the two

That being said your personal opinions are totally valid, and I for all intensive purposes am objectively wrong, because for me it is more the feel of Fallout 3 that I enjoy more.

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Hell no. Fallout 3 was better than New Vegas.


Word x2

Yeah, no.

New Vegas is much better as a fallout game. The story isn't shit like Fallout 3s. The story in New Vegas actually feels like Fallout.

I think the point of difference is here, I too enjoyed Fallout 3 more than I did New Vegas, and it is because I liked the better video game, not the better Fallout game

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I Havnt checked out any spotlights for this skin yet, but I gotta say it will take a lot to sell me on it. Personally Sona is not a character I play often, and the theme strikes me to be too similar to the arcade skin. Riot does put a lot of effort into these ultimate skins, but this is one I'm going to have to pass on.

Now a 25 dollar heimerdinger skin, then you have a sale.

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Like 600 in Crusader Kings II

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Ya I thought Jeff and voted that first, but now I think having Jason there as the omnipresent overlord (as fits his right as control room God) sounds very appealing. Also I like Jason and enjoy seeing him in content.

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There was definitely a concept in that video that could have worked, and there was a moment or two when they could have turned it around, but that was utter garbage. Little to no proof about there claims, just pure speculation, inciting unfounded hatred.

Also to answer your question about why they used Jeff in this video is because back in 2008 when he got fired for reasons undisclosed at the time (Pressure from advertisers about his poor score on the Kane and Lynch review) his name became synonymous with corruption in the game industry and brought to light for people the conundrum that video game press faced. I just re-listened to the GFW podcast in the aftermath of that event, and for this video to say that Jeff's situation is a widespread phenomenon (to this day!) is insane. The amount of backlash by the press against the event was massive, and a large amount of good will towards Jeff was fostered.

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First two comments on this thread were exactly what I thought when I read the title. Bravo.

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I wonder if Patrick was head hunted or if he was activity searching for a career upgrade, either way good luck to him and happy new year.