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@bmccann42: Asperger isnt in the DSM-5 anymore, so I don't believe you can be diagnosed with it. Either way late stage diagnosis of neurological disorders like autism are typically superfluous for a high functioning, well adjusted person like yourself. At this stage it may only serve to give a little context to previous life experiences. Anyways, I hope life treats you well, and don't take this too hard brother.

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I've gone two ranks up from the default difficulty over the course of the game and have found the rubberbanding fine. I feel as though I am stressed out enough, but still bust pass most of the AI.

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@pazy: This can be a confusing topic at the start. Especially when you considered proficiency with kits such as thieves tools. In the end though, proficiency will always mean add the bonus.

If you have any more questions feel free to pm me. I would also recommend checking out the faqs in r/dnd. They have quite a few resources guides available.

Either way, happy dungeoning!

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If you have proficiency in a skill you are able to add your proficiency bonus to your roll. So for example perception.

If you are proficient in perception at level 1 you can add your +2 proficiency bonus to the roll. That's means your perception is now 10(base)+wisdom bonus+proficiency bonus.

As indicated before proficiency bonus'are level dependent and can be found on the class table.

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I'm gonna dissent and say no. Even when that game was brand new, it was weird and clunky. Nine years has not been kind with it.

I tried to go back a few months ago and could barely get past the opening sequence. I would play it on easy mode and just cruise if you feel the need to play it.

Also that game has some creepy sex cards which even at the time struck me as childish.

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Just ordered a 144hz 1440p Monitor. I hear that 144hz vs 60hz is night and day, so Im excited.

@mike 2k typically refers to 1440 on most sites like Newegg, but often needs to be clarified because some people will say 1080 is 2k.

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I've been doing BJJ for about two years now (just twice a week) and am on the verge of my blue belt. I did not understand what I was doing until about 6 months ago. Just now am I starting to absorb and understand the technique required for various moves.

I brought my friend in to train around that same six month period. Last night I was watching him roll with a blue belt (much smaller than my friend so it was fairly competitive and flowing) and I saw him execute his first real "move". Before he was just kinda going on instinct, doing what felt right, but here he finally set up and went for a pretty decent arm bar. He didn't get it, but it was still nice to see.

Anyway, what I want you to get out of that is that it takes time, time that I think is worth spending.

I want to end on a final antidote. Again last night, I was rolling no gi with one of our blackbelts. I got dominated of course, probably got d'arced 6 times, and kimured once. I also avoided two arm bars, and transitioned kinda cooly to a guillotine that was promptly defended. The joy of jiu jitsu is knowing one day you can be that black belt, and the feeling of progressing after putting in the time.

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I think I would prefer that your seed be randomly be generated upon each death. For a more diverse feel.

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66 CAD, which is a pleasant surprise. It will be interesting to see how this game is.

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I just finished them in the last two months, 10/10 would read again.

I would rate them on par with A Song of Ice and Fire in terms of quality, though they vastly differ in content. The breadth of character development was refreshing as before starting the Kingkiller Chronicle's I was making my way through The Wheel of Time series, which has characters as likable as a venereal disease.