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I was going to go and buy Rainbow Six: Siege today, until I found out it was 80 dollars on steam in Canada. No thank you.

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The one curator recommendation on that page is pretty funny.

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While Mary and Alex were evil in terms of the game, Rorie lives his entire life as Chaotic evil

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I feel like I'm the sole user of the mobile version of GB, I consume most of the content from my phone.

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Haha ya I`m glad I didn`t put anything on those picks, because I think I went 3/10.

I've been studying all day so I have only kept up through twitter, but it seems like a pretty good night of fights all together. I'm quite interested in the Paige fight, because I hear that was a beating. Also I am excited for Hollaway, I'm always happy to see new talent breaking through the old guard of divisions.

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This Card is a gamblers dream tonight, I think I saw one guy that had 100 dollars down to get 20K on a parlay, with the only risky bet imo being Max Holloway. You got Machida at underdog, Felcia at underdog, and Mizugaki as well.

Disappointed that Romero had to pull out, but I guess we get to see Jacare put on a show (or look silly).

My picks are:

Machida-Souza-Cub-Felice-Miller-Preux-Mizugaki-Means-Brandao (But I wanna hettes to win, hope he can grind Brandao down)-Gordon.

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I heard this was the illest place to describe vaping culture.

2008 I started listening to the bombcast, and in 09 I realized that there was a whole website of shenanigans. Actually. I can tell you the exact date I made my account because it was the day the last episode of the Persona 4 endurance run went up, Sept 18th, 2009.

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Helter Skelter Mother fucker.

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What is going to happen when Khabib comes back.