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Alright the online can be totally gamed it seems, just had a fight where the other guy chose Valasquez (like every single person playing Heavyweight) and I go Dos Santos. I land about 300% more significant strikes than him and all he does is take me down and try two really bad sub attempts. He seriously attempted somewhere around 25 takedown attempts in a single round at one point. The fight ends up going the distance and he wins by decision, likely because he has so many takedowns (you can only defend so many), even though I landed vastly more significant strikes and defended 90% of his takedowns and reversed/got up from the successful takedowns within a few seconds. So yeah kind of salty but also totally annoyed that it seems like you can cheat the scoring system with pointless takedowns.

So it really is a simulation.

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Stop with this body building shenanigans, find a powerlifting or Olympic lifting gym (Olympic is more fun, but I powerlift because it fits my skill set better), and get strong. Iron sharpens iron my friend, you can be shiny copper, looks pretty, but worth little, or you can be steel, strong, sturdy and admired by all. The thing with these basic hypertrophy programs with no progression is that A) they get boring, and B) they cause you to plateau.

But as it goes, most people care more about the looking huge, than being huge, so I will stop my preaching. I do give you my most sincere admiration, for at least you are taking steps towards physical fitness, and that is more than most can say. I wish you best of luck, and I hope the Gods of gains grant you the gift of swole, but just remember, you could be so much more.

I will say, a step you should take that is just short of joining a power/olympic lifting gym, is finding one, and booking a few one on one training sessions. You do not need to train at this gym, but it really helps to have a true strength and conditioning coach teach you proper form, as most PT's are garbage. My gym does these quite often, people will come in, the coaches take them through the exercises, show them how to properly perform them, critic their performance, and then give them corrective exercises to target their weak points in a lift. This processes is extremely helpful, and for a bit of money you can help prevent injury in the future.

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I havn't redeemed since the first subscription year, where I got that first Whiskey shirt.

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Heimerdinger can get two Ult turrets at once and constantly replace them.

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The dragons in Skyrim arnt dragons, they are Wyrms.

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Skyrim marathon and preshow

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My brother came home from his friends house and was raving about this game called Cards Against Humanity- thats how I knew it was mainstream.

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The fade was trash, but necessary if just to get those sweet free willpower/strength/constitution points. Great game.

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I bought a Xbox in 2007, and then a PS3 in 2010. I never bought a Wii but I had a PC so I count as my trinity.

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All if it had been great lately. They did have that lull period after the busyness of moving to cbsi, but it has really become worth the price