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While Mary and Alex were evil in terms of the game, Rorie lives his entire life as Chaotic evil

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I feel like I'm the sole user of the mobile version of GB, I consume most of the content from my phone.

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Haha ya I`m glad I didn`t put anything on those picks, because I think I went 3/10.

I've been studying all day so I have only kept up through twitter, but it seems like a pretty good night of fights all together. I'm quite interested in the Paige fight, because I hear that was a beating. Also I am excited for Hollaway, I'm always happy to see new talent breaking through the old guard of divisions.

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This Card is a gamblers dream tonight, I think I saw one guy that had 100 dollars down to get 20K on a parlay, with the only risky bet imo being Max Holloway. You got Machida at underdog, Felcia at underdog, and Mizugaki as well.

Disappointed that Romero had to pull out, but I guess we get to see Jacare put on a show (or look silly).

My picks are:

Machida-Souza-Cub-Felice-Miller-Preux-Mizugaki-Means-Brandao (But I wanna hettes to win, hope he can grind Brandao down)-Gordon.

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I heard this was the illest place to describe vaping culture.

2008 I started listening to the bombcast, and in 09 I realized that there was a whole website of shenanigans. Actually. I can tell you the exact date I made my account because it was the day the last episode of the Persona 4 endurance run went up, Sept 18th, 2009.

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Helter Skelter Mother fucker.

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What is going to happen when Khabib comes back.

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Did anyone else laugh a little bit when Reem had a perfect fight, and then went on to almost get finished in the last 30 seconds or so. His fights always leave me on the edge of my seat because they can end at any moment, EconoReem and Maynard are two cases of great skills but terrible chins.

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Those fight pass prelims were pretty freakin good. Duffy looked slick, wasn't up against the best competition, but still you can't fake that hand speed, and those combinations. Germaine didn't even seem tested which is kind of disappointing, I cannot wait for WMMA to progress to a point where you have those Cyborg-esc slaughters. In addition what can you say about that Pettis fight, my gosh.