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So my buddy Morigan knows this guy named Allistar, and he's kinda king right, so last weekend he was throwing a party and lets just say there was HELLA red lyrium.

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Morrowind is a game where I recommend cheating right at the bat and maxing out your combat skills, as that is easily the worst part about the game. Other than that I would have to agree, the world of Morrowind is one of the most fleshed out and interesting Bethesda locals.

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Is this that thing that Keely is doing? At first I was like what weird website is this, but then I realized its a professionally done weird website. Also they could not have picked a better picture of Jeff, expect maybe the screen cap with him watching underage anime girls for UPF.

Also their game of the year choices made me realize how disappointed I have been with 2014, the year of the 4 star game.

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Just gonna leave this bad boy here.

But I've been doing BJJ for about 6 months now and have really been enjoying myself. I'm about to start competing soon and have found that most cities have a fairly active BJJ scene, so if your interested in competing in tournaments, BJJ is a great potential sport for you. If your more relaxed about it and just want to have the knowledge then BJJ still offers a fairly laid back atmosphere which won't push you harder than you want to go. For example coming from wrestling there is the "grind" mentality, where you go hard at every opportunity and exceed your limits, where as in BJJ that is not the case.

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I say "new video content nom nom nom". Or I say "words, tab that for the train".

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Some random dude came onto my teamspeak channel (somehow) and started talking to me about games, he told me that this game was pretty sweet. I totally forgot about it since then, but I will have to check it out.

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Just read "The Handmaids Tale" for my intro English class, thought it was a pretty decent story as I quite enjoy books of a post apocalyptic nature. Atwood (the author) creates an interesting world with a pseudo Christian government taking over the United States and establishing highly rigid gender roles, with some twists along the way. I'm a little swamped with school lately so I Havnt had an oppertunity to read outside of "work" readings, but I want to try and read the LOTR novels for the first time, just Havnt been able to get through them before.

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AAA refers to the budget of a game, high budget games are billed as "triple A". Some people miss use the term and apply it to how good the game is, or how popular it will be/is.

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Wait there arnt trolls? What was the big fucker who killed me in the first five minutes then? He seemed like a troll to me.

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My only death so far in the game, granted I've only played about an hour, was in the first five minutes, where I was struck twice by rocks hurled by a cave troll. I agree with what others are saying, archers are most likely what are sapping your health away during fights.