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I bought a Xbox in 2007, and then a PS3 in 2010. I never bought a Wii but I had a PC so I count as my trinity.

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All if it had been great lately. They did have that lull period after the busyness of moving to cbsi, but it has really become worth the price

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I usually use the wiki to go back and watch everything that led up to the game, almost a retrospective. For example yesterday I went to the Red Dead Redemption page and watched all the trailers that led up to the game, and remember how excited I was. Good game.

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Vice City at this point is a game Id prefer to watch than play. I have tried to go back, but A) its kinda not the most fun thing to play B) It always crashes on me. Love that game though, probably one of my favorite settings for a GTA. Plus I have never finished GTA III, so I might have to see how that goes.

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You own 119 games worth 1986 dollars

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The save converter is so broken for me, and is really taking the challenge out of the game. At this point in CKII's life, I can create a massive empire without using cheats- you eventually get the hang of it 380 hours in. Old Gods playthroughs are even worse, because my Norse empire gets an added 200 years to expand! My save I have imported into EUIV is a Spanish empire which contains the Empires of Hispania, Francia, and HRE- I have 55 thousand gold in CKII, which converts to 7356 gold in EUIV- all this while making 53 gold per month. Basically I'm rolling fucking deep, and I'm worried this game will just be a breeze. Currently I'm still working on learning all the EUIV controls, which does add a bit of difficulty. Game seems fucking cool though, I've been really excited to play all week.

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Pre-ordered it, and started a whole new CKII play through just to make a good import save.

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The podcast is still really good, I would recommend listening to it, because at some point you have to move on... But it actually fucking sucks that Ryan is gone, its so weird because I have never even met the guy before, but its a strange world (giantbomb) without him.

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I didn't hate it, but it wasn't the greatest thing I have ever played. I was doing it on hard because I found normal too simple, and ended up just reverting to head shots all day.

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My tap water is all pretty fresh glacier water, tastes fine, and is for sure safe. The only time I refused to drink tap water was when I was in Florida, whenever I showered my towels would get a rusty film on them from the water... So I felt justified in not drinking it.