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Joined. See you there

PSN: SumJuGei

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People feel like the ending was a let down, that her story was meaningless if she just killed herself at the end. But Supergiant just made all those people feel like she felt. She got to the end, maybe a little confused, thinking she could bring it all back--but she still doesn't have a voice and she doesn't have Blue. If she changes everything back, nothing will have changed. So she picks another way, goes back into the Transistor, gets Blue and her voice.

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The transistor is aptly named. It takes some input and is able to switch it. This seems central to how the Process worked before the interference from the Camerata. Let everyone pick what the sky would be, the Transistor and the Process make it happen. The Camerata mess with the system, think they are in control, but lose it. I don't know how exactly Blue gets corrupted, but Red's status in the Transistor is Intact. Most of the other impressions it absorbs after they are dead and are classified as Integrated. The Camerata (other than Sybil) are classified as Recorded, so their impressions are different as well. Did anyone notice if Red's status changes throughout the game especially after the final boss?

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I use Crash(Jaunt()+Spark()) -- which is basically a shotgun, as an opener and follow up with Cull(Mask()+Load()) as a finisher. Backstabbing a Man or even the final boss does over 700 damage.

I also used Get(Ping()+Purge()) which would bring other enemies over to get some of the AOE from the modified Crash() and Cull().

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Thanks to everyone who helped out with their suggestions and comments. I have a new machine and so far it is working well. It has been nice experiencing things like stable frame rates, AA and AO. Now I'm back off to my back catalog....

ProcessorCore i7-4770K$320
MoboAsus Z87 Pro$190
GraphicsEVGA GeForce GTX780Ti 3GB$710
RAMCorsair Vengance Pro 16gb 2133mhz$170
StorageSamsung 840 Evo 256GB SSD$145
PowerCorsair RM750$120
CoolingNoctua NH-U14S$70
CaseFractal Define R4$125
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The socket 2011 comes from After Effects being CPU intensive. While many video editing programs do a good job of using the GPU, After Effects lags behind. SO the throughput and additional cores would help After Effects, but very much disrupts my budget or all the other components.

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I am currently digesting the responses here and on a couple other forums. Trying to decide what to do with conflicting information and being a little over budget.

Other sites have recommended to double down on water cooling with the H100, jumping up to the GTX780 Ti, and jumping to a socket 2011.

We have consensus that a 650w would be enough, the "mobo is a no go" and that I should think about getting a 1440p ips monitor

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@zelyre: I hadn't planned to buy additional fans... The power should pull on the bottom, the front case fan should pull in the front. The back case fan should push, but will maintain positive pressure inside the case because it wont outpace the other two.

I think it is something I will wait on to either see if it is a problem or until I do a round of upgrades.

I have a windows 8 license I am carrying over to the new machine.

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@bboys2231: that would ruin my weekend. Luckily, I've ordered that already

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@mb: I will use the GPU for renders, I've assumed that the CPU would also affect render and scrub speeds... I'll go look into it more. Thanks again

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