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Both the next-gen UIs are kind of cruddy. I think the Xbox One is taking much more heat though because it's a lot more complicated to move around, especially without reliable voice controls. The Xbone has more features than the PS4, all hidden through layers and layers of menus that look confusing to navigate. The PS4's one-dimensional bar isn't great either, but that system is simpler to use, so it's not too awful.

Yeah. I think the main problem is that the Xbone's UI is just layers of crap on crap. PS4's isn't super sexy but at least I don't get hit in the face with ads while I'm trying to find settings.

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@KillerBears said:

The signal to noise ratio here is pretty astounding. Like...worse than XBLA Indie.

This is what the Steam certification team has to deal with on a daily basis, apparently.

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@MrSpoon said:

While a tool like this is probably useful for any company even if only to gauge interest, with Valve having the final say, I can't help feeling that that if too much emphasis or reliance is placed on plebians to decide on releases it would be detrimental to the industry, especially for more controversial or niche titles. Look at how much of a Steam success Binding of Isaac was, and imagine if those with objections hijacked this process.

Maybe interactive mediums where the player isn't just passive and can better infer or conclude for themselves could handle rape/paedophile stories better than a book or a Jodie Foster or Kevin Bacon film, but would you (and your online ID) express a prior interest? Last time I caught Weekend confirmed, I believe Garnett Lee suggested the recent Lara Croft thing was a U-Turn due to public outcry rather than correcting a mistaken quote and I'm inclined to agree, Jeff also said something about the cliched face-licking creep seen in films but the only game I can think of with a rapist, two if you count Pyramid Head, is Silent Hill 2 (not that you could or should compare it to the above films.)

I wouldn't count Pyramid Head as a creepy raper guy. The act in SH2 was more about showing ruthlessness of this monster. It was presented as a screwed up situation that happened regardless of the genders of the monsters involved (ie, rape less about ~punishing a woman~ or showing it as ~just something that happens to girls~ and more about instilling fear/terror into the player and oh my god is that monster raping that leg monster whaddafudge is going ooooon) (which would later factor into a bunch of undertones/meanings but you don't find that out until later). More "This monster is raping another monster what is going on oh god what do I do" than "I have to protect my main character uguu~"

But I am not 100% sure what any of this has to do this indie thing. A game featuring rape/pedophilia is probably not going to be able to be voted into Steam any more than a game featuring homophobia/racism is, no matter how much the community likes it. And I don't think the majority of the white male gamer community will appreciate them anyway, because absolutely none of those topics are comfortable to play when they are handled well.

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There's really something wrong with this industry if a game selling a million copies is somehow a failure. :/

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@warxsnake said:

Holy shit someone lock this drama fest. Most of you probably utter the word Ryan said every fucking day on xbl and so on.

I don't! At all. Because I'm not a child.

I do go out of my way to call people "fuckbutts" though.

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Good on you for realizing your mistake, Ryan. We appreciate it. :)

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@jasondesante:I'm pretty sure there's a mod for voice support on the PC already!

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D: I love the writing of the Fable series. Oh nooo. :(

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@Mechabolic said:

@Summoboomo: Lets see, stop the problem right then and there and make yourself look like the bigger man (lol incoming fat joke~!) or wait until you can sic the internet on him by yelling misogynous! Like I said, I only have a problem with people that create drama when it could of easily be avoided.

The problem wouldn't have stopped, and the girl hasn't siced the internet on anyone.

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@Mechabolic said:

@Hailinel: If you are going down that thought process then EVERY salty talk in the FCG is considered abusive. This is nothing more than people being too PC. Yes, that can actually happen and no, I don't expect you to get it since your beliefs seem to be set in stone. Nothing wrong with that but at least try to see the other side's argument. If- Oh man... I get it... I'M BEING ABUSED ON THE INTERNET~! OH GOD, HELP ME!

@Summoboomo: Not really, hell, I would be ecstatic if someone called him out on his shit. Though that's a pipe dream since it's easier to clam up about and then cry about it on twitter/youtube/blog and just wait for the sympathy to pour in. Shoot, since it's a reality show, that confrontation would of been gold.

So calling him out in the middle of the stream is okay, but actions leading to unfavorable coverage of him (that a lot more people are going to see) is not okay.

Sure. Whatever.