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Can someone tell me what the best team of spirits is? I'm trying to get two good allies for battle with good passives and one for the third slot with lots of great passives. Thanks in advance!

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@EquitasInvictus: This seems like a pretty good suggestion. There's some non-JRPGs I've been meaning to clear from the backlog. Might get me revitalized if I take a break from the genre. P3 was pretty long (By no means am I saying it overstayed it's welcome though lol).

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@C2C: Thanks, based upon what you said, I'll just skip to P4 and play The Answer if I'm ever in the mood for a challenging Dungeon Crawler.

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Your view is very contrary to mine. Although I haven't been here long, everyone's been fairly pleasant to me.

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Maybe some of you might recall about a week or so ago, I requested help on Nyx. Well, I beat her a couple days ago and was wondering if I should play The Answer. Persona 3's story felt amazing to me. Would The Answer ruin my vision of it, or does it work well? I'm already aware of it's gameplay elements and whatnot. I just want to know how well it fits in.

So, bottom line question: Should I play The Answer for the story or just go to P4?

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I was thinking about farming for Abaddon's heart item after hearing about Nyx's charm abilities. Apparently it nulls all status effects besides poison.

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Thanks guys!

@BoG said:

Thou has commited a grave sin against the gods of Giant Bomb by placing this top in general discussion. For this blasphemy, thou shalt be eternally punished by I, harbinger of forum moderation.

Or I can move your topic. I figured you would prefer that to eternal punishment, so I already took care of it.

You might say I've reversed the Forum Arcana. BAD PERSONA JOKES FTW.

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Also, I'm new here, did I post this in the right place?

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Is she hard? What should I do to prepare for her? I've got about 20 days and I've just beaten Jotun of Grief