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1. Mining, though I reckon freighting would be alright as well, but looking at the required skills they're a bit different from the required skills for mining, so that likely wont happen for awhile.
2. Currently working up to a mining barge, so industry, astrogeo, mining a bit of refining but not much.
3. Know how it works, chances are there are still parts of it that I don't know about, but that seems to be the thing about this game, there's so much depth to everything.
4. Currently based about 10 jumps out of Naeel, so can shift over.
Also what time zone are you in, I'm from New Zealand, as it is daylight savings at the moment I'm at GMT +13, not sure if that will make it so I'm on while everyone else is sleeping.
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Started playing this game a few days ago, looking for a corp that is noob friendly. Was thinking on the team liquid forum but they're corp seems to be pretty PvP focused which isn't what i'm after.
Would your corp be a good fit for me?