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Reworked the design a bit. Still SUPER rough, but that's because I need references photos for the poses. If it's going to look right, it needs to look perfect. Hopefully I have a chance to take some shots tomorrow. Also added in Pope, just to be sure he is forever immortalised by Brad's side. Changed the text, too.

Edit: derp. That color thing on the Tango Down text is bad. I'll fix it so that it doesn't emphasise "in" with "tango down".

I have an idea on the dude on the right. How about making him patrick holding 2 beers? Just a thought.

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So, I worked up two designs quick. They're rough and could use refinement, but the core ideas are there.

I need a better color scheme for the second one. :| I'd appreciate feedback from y'all, though! :'D

This is fantastic! Definitely my favorite of all the cool designs I've seen in this thread. Incorporates all the key elements: team brad, tango down, achievement, & badass brad while keeping it uncluttered and looking like a real shirt that even us stuffy adults can wear. Also, I agree that making one of the generic army men silhouettes into an Eric Pope silhouette would be great too. I would totally buy this shirt!

This is definitely my favorite design so far. And I agree with the Pope silhouette.

I would totally buy that shirt.

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Looks kind of interesting.