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Seems like will not see Mirror's Edge 2.

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@Slag said:

@Sunesha: I thought i heard somewhere (on Radio Dave podcats maybe?)

that the staff decided to remove graph feature off due to its' redundancy. I don't think it's coming back for anybody.

That would explain it :-)

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Still doesnt show.

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I tried with three different browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari and no ad-blocker on still hasn't shown the graph for months. Shall add just be sure, I booted with Windows 7 computer and it did not work on Vanilla latest Internet Explorer.

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@ARProductions_HMG said:

Hello, my name is Aaron, you can call me Aaron, or you can call me by my username. Just another gamer on the internet. I use to have a account here, but forgot the info, so I started a new one. its been a few years since I been here. I wasn't very active back then, but I hope to be active now.


Welcome ;-)

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I did some real legwork in the Wiki with The Circle in Skyrim. I describe both The Circle and the Werewolf game mechanism in Skyrim. For those interested. Took me quite a few hours, also I would be very pleased if someone look over spelling and grammar as being Swedish, English is my third language ;-). Sorry if insulted someone with my shameless self-promotion.



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@Morrow said:

@Sunesha: I see. Well I paid for websites before, like deviantart or game websites like alaplaya, but paying 50 bucks just for regular achievement updates... I guess I'll just wait.

That was my decision too, I have another site that works my achievement statistics... ;-) But is a bummer, because when the achievement part of the website works it has very nice presentation.

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@Morrow said:

@Sunesha said:

Mine comes and goes, at the moment no pie chart or achievement updating that also comes and goes.

Mine has been gone for two or three weeks now. No sign of return so far. The last achievement update on my account was 5 days ago. It starts to get annoying ._. Is anyone from the staff even looking into those issues?

I waited 1.5 month once, then it updated daily for 9-10 days. So I given up a bit on the subject. Paid member get a manual update button, but if you arnt paid member you have to live that is erratic achievement updates.

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Mine comes and goes, at the moment no pie chart or achievement updating that also comes and goes.

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@AlexW00d said:

I went through an article last time you posted and made it flow better and corrected the grammar, and only got one point :(

I'll give some a look though.

Bastards ;-) It is a lot concentration and time to proof articles as well as writing them. I think point system is primitive, it count words or something similar.