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A sign of the times. Since a lot of the major game companies like getting the news directly to the consumer through Twitch, YouTube, or their own channels, there is less and less need for the middleman. It's very much related to what Jeff has been saying about how game journalism needs to change things up in order to survive.

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Not a Playstation Plus member, but if you need someone to fill your list just for the hell of it, hit me up.

PSN: sungahymn

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The Japanese dub is better than the English dub, plain and simple.

That being said, the English actors get the job done and I predict I'll get used to them after an hour of actually playing the game. Of course, if there's an option for Japanese voices with English subtitles, I'll pick that in a heartbeat.

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Like everyone else said: it's no biggie. Have fun!

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Rather than an overflow of Dan, it's more of a dearth of Jeff and Brad (and Vinny and Alex). But don't worry about it, Jeff and Brad are both busy worrying about their reviews since it's mid-Novemeber. We'll probably see a lot more variety in January or February once things settle down.

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I usually just nod, or say "Sure" or mutter "Mm." In more formal occasions, I would probably say "No problem" or the standard "You're welcome."

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Well, the video's going up at 4 a.m. my time, so... uh, guess I'm pulling an all-nighter.

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The logo for Shinra Technologies was drawn by the artist who drew the logo for Shinra in Final Fantasy VIII.

@patrickklepek Pretty sure you mean Final Fantasy VII (7), not VIII (8). Unless it was a mistake made by the actual guy saying it.

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@hassun: In the end, I think it'll all depend on whether Drew and Dan wants the purest experience possible or simply superior graphics. People like me lean toward the latter because we always want better pictures in front of us. For you, the experience and the nostalgia of the original (and the Substance and Subsistence versions) are a large part of your enjoyment for these games.

I wonder which one they'll pick though.