Three strikes, Ubisoft

Sigh. I'm just done with this shit now Ubisoft. Three times I've been excited for your games on PC, and every single time you've fucked me. It doesn't help me that refunds on Steam is a hassle. Shitty DRM I can theoretically handle (I even suffered through Starforce for Silent Hunter 3, and that was worth it), but shoving games out the door in a barely functional condition is not only "not cool", it really just serves to accentuate the worst PC gaming has to offer; Awesome potential coupled with bottomless disappointment. It's just heartbreaking.

From Dust was one of the worst PC ports I have ever seen. How do you get a mouse cursor wrong in 2011?

Silent Hunter 5 built on a fantastic foundation, but somehow managed to do *less* than the games that came before it, and barely worked at all while trying to do *that*.

Anno 1404 was one of my favorite PC strategy games ever, just gorgeous and intelligent and satisfying to play. And here Anno 2070 comes out looking gorgeous, but, again, barely working, with game crippling bugs stopping players from progressing in the campaign, and faulty DRM that is as likely to let you play the game as it is to block you out for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

Get your shit together. There is no reason for you to suck this enormous amount of ass when you've done good things on the platform in the past. There's nothing exciting coming from your direction that I can think of, and you know what, the next time I let myself get duped into being excited about something you're doing on the PC, I'm going to have to stop myself and remember that there is no potential too great for Ubisoft to take a fat crap all over.

Fuck you.