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I'm totally with the OP. The character building and roleplaying in this game is not good. This is far more like a looser Borderlands than a Fallout, sad to say.

I too am having fun. But I am not roleplaying. It's just stats, guns, loot and murder.

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What a thing to wake up to :(

For me, Iwata made the games industry worth loving. He was a perfect bridge between the playfulness of games and the cold hard business that it requires to get them made. I'll miss him more than I can put to words.

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Oh great. ANOTHER one. This doesn't smell like a bubble at all.

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As if Silent Hills was ever going to break even, much less make a profit. That series has never sold that well.

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No, Netflix are not developing a live action Zelda.

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Best of luck Patrick. I hope the site can find a worthy successor to the horror throne

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[Crowd laughs]

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Shattered Memories was a stellar game. One of the best in the Wii library, easily. As for Silent Hill I found the series just crawled way too far up its own ass after 2. The "lore" of Silent Hill makes no sense, goes nowhere and worse of all, just isn't interesting.

What I'm hoping Silent Hills might be is a Twilight Zone type anthology game. Investigating different "cases" in a fictional "weird" setting. Give the writers more freedom to work, rather than try to shoehorn everything into some big overarching gobbledegok.

PT is a collection of vignettes, mostly cobbled together from references to other media. Regardless I thought it was technically *very* well made. Sexy hallway action.

Sidenote: No, JJ Abrams does not get a pass "because of mysteries" (though I suspect Lindelof is far more guilty here). Mystery design is a real thing practised by people with a real ability. It was called Weird Fiction once and it was practiced by some incredible authors. Plain obstruction of the audience's capacity to process events is not cool or awesome or artsy or anything. It just makes me tune out and go do something with my life that has value.

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A whole article about this and not a single mention of Glu's Stardom: The A-List?

The writing is only good by virtue of being surprisingly not shit. To conflate not-shitness in a game filled with shit with quality is pretty silly to me. It really, really does not deserve this attention.

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While I like Whitta as a person, Book of Eli had a twist ending so offensively dumb it made me think every person on that set must have been drunk or utterly broken with some sort of fear, or some other such reason not to just throw their hands up and go, whowhowhoa guys, what the hell are we doing here. It was laugh-out-loud terrible in a way that honestly blew my mind. I did enjoy the film okay up to that point, but man. That ending was something else. So color me a skeptic.