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While I like Whitta as a person, Book of Eli had a twist ending so offensively dumb it made me think every person on that set must have been drunk or utterly broken with some sort of fear, or some other such reason not to just throw their hands up and go, whowhowhoa guys, what the hell are we doing here. It was laugh-out-loud terrible in a way that honestly blew my mind. I did enjoy the film okay up to that point, but man. That ending was something else. So color me a skeptic.

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@kenpachiramasama: In all fairness, Dark Souls feels so much like King's Field it'd be kind of weird to see a new one of those anyway.

In memoriam:

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I found this article essentially empty reading. For one, it's written from the perspective of what appears to be a pretty thoughtless social media user, emphasis user, and also from someone who bought into the Rift as, again, a user. The backlash I've seen from developers and content creators is less about aw man, Facebook, and more about aw man, I spend countless hours of my own time and money developing free research for a platform I genuinely believe in. THAT fosters a sense of ownership far more than any kickstarter. The rift community has spent far more on developing the rift than oculus themselves. And now it's a corporate sellout. "It's a business y'all" is a shitty, shallow stance we hoped the rift did not represent.

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I still miss Ryan.

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That Wii U story is bunk. It talks about a developer working on a system as it is being formed - guess what, hardware iterations and documentation fluctuate profusely during that period - and being flabbergasted that Nintendo want to do something that isn't aping its competitors for their online presence. It's an outdated story at best and outright irrelevant at worst.

I'm a Wii U developer. The situation described by the author no longer exists.

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@fram: Try being "the Wii guys" for a few years and see how that shapes your expectations. I'm not saying Nintendo aren't batshit crazy for thinking they'd just auto-win with the Wii U, but I can sort of see where that hubris comes from. Sony got it good, too. They DID manage to turn it around though. Difference is when the PS3 came out the thing felt like a fucking hoax until developers got a grip on it. The Wii U doesn't even exist yet in the public eye.

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I think Nintendo's best strategy right now, and this is me being mostly an ignorant nobody, would be to gather a greater group of 2nd party teams. Monolith and Retro are excellent examples of companies that thrive under Nintendo's wing, and I personally would love to see Nintendo, for instance, invest a shit ton of money in Platinum, and directly reach out to indies to fund their development. In short, they need to become a little bit more like Sony in how they deal with small teams, and they need to become a lot more like a publisher in how they deal with their closest third parties.

I feel fairly confident they could turn this ship around with an actual marketing push (a real one), and exclusive partnerships with a stable of dedicated, well funded teams, they could make the Wii U *highly* relevant. And I say that as someone who actually knows the hardware, and how it seems almost designed to turn away multiplat games, but let exclusives sing.

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They could start BY TRYING TO ACTUALLY SELL THE THING instead of just crossing their fingers and hoping their shitty YouTube videos and non-existent word-of-mouth will pull them through. They thought they could coast on the Wii and it blew up in their faces.

And I'm a Wii U developer, too. I put a fuck ton of hours into figuring the box out (and don't get me wrong, I *do* love the system) but man, ffs, I have not seen a single, SINGLE piece of advertising for it in my home country.


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I never got Evangelion either