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Why the fuck is Kojima still being allowed to make games?

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Oh yes. Oh yess.

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I liked Anna Anthropy's games a lot more before I started reading the shit she writes.

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The only reason I don't own a Wii U yet is that beyond Zombi U there are "no" games for it. I think Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 are the games that will fix this for me personally, though the Wind Waker remake is triggering some weirdly intense draw as well..

Either way, there is nothing about the system itself that pushes me away. It simply needs the content.

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I was amazed the first time he replied to one of my emails. If anything, as often has he was disagreeable, he was remarkably open to debate. Him actually printing one of my emails was a huge, HUGE deal to me.

I loved his writing style, his willingness to give B-movies a proper shake, his willingness to tear pretension to pieces or praise it in turn. Rest in peace Roger, and thank you for all the provocation.

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@beachthunder: To be fair, I ditched a day of work to finish it in one day. It's not a tiny game.

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@sooty said:

just reminded me of Singularity

Dude! Me too! What a weird game to think of, right? Reminded me more of Singularity than Bioshock, sometimes.

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I think the game gets better, then gets worse, then gets better, then gets worse, then gets better, then a LOT better, and then a LOT worse. And then you go to bed because you've played for 9 hours straight and should have gone to work and oh god what have you done

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Just finished it. I took my time and collected most of the logs and took in the scenery. While I think the game is an absolute masterpiece of presentation, and a ton of fun to play, I was super disappointed in the story. I'm really not a big fan of stories that wrap themselves up by invalidating most of their own content. I just thought it completely fell apart in the last third. You could interpret the story as never having happened at all, which is infuriating. Songbird, Comstock, Vox, the weird ghost mom thing (wtf, seriously), none of it winds up having any actual meaning; It's just Booker and his daughter, which would've been fine if the main character of the game wasn't really Columbia.

It just seemed random and inconsequential to me. It made the world I'd played through much less interesting.

I will say though, that the many worlds, constants and variables bit? Absolute, pure, world building genius. It reminded me a little of the end of Contact actually, if anyone remembers that movie.

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It's a reboot, then. Practically nothing in those screenies remind me of Thief 1 or 2 (2 is the absolute pinnacle of the series IMHO), but more an evolution of Thief 3 heavily crossbred with Dishonored. I'm not seeing any hammers, pagans or keepers, and the story notes seem to be a retread of Thief 2 without the grand politics.

I can't help but feel a little wistful. This isn't "my" Thief; Stephen Russell is an old man, his voice is going, I will eat my hat if he voices Garrett in this one, if it's even Garrett at all. The original games had UI for sure but it didn't intrude on the world. I don't need "Thief-vision" or whatever, I want to skulk and listen at doors and peer through shadows. These guys even talking about combat as though it's a viable option makes me sad.

I'm sure it'll be wonderful (games typically are these days) but all I want to do right now is boot up Thief 2 again and run across the rooftops of Life of the party.