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What a terrible poll.

Looking Glass/Irrational, Lucasarts, Bullfrog... Games have been around for longer than the past 8 years.

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The core Dead Space team is making Dante's Inferno. Whoever's on this are merely poking Eurocom in the right direction.

And it is just another rail shooter. We've had so many god damn mother bleeping rail shooters on the wii since it dropped on us, in the form of minigames or full on titles from respectable houses.

Now here's my general opinion of that genre; It sucks to click at things. It was never particularly fun and satisfying on the PC, and it isn't any more satisfying now. A light gun game with a cursor on screen is a shitty ass light gun game, and the wiimote's B button doesn't remotely feel like trigger action. Cursors remove any sense of actual skill. Rail shooters on the wii become games about ammo management and crowd control, with big freaking circles on top of everything removing any sense of actually having hit anything. When the hit feedback comes from the cursor flashing  rather than an enemy stumbling back, there is a problem.

I'm totally radified by how mentally outrageously cool it is to have quick and precise pointing ability on a console, but rail shooters are not the way to leverage this ability. Look at games like World of goo, Trauma centre or even potential RTS titles for examples of how this feature of the system could be better used.

It also needs to be said that a rail shooter engine can be VERY specific about the things it needs to spend cycles on rendering, so this game looking quite good isn't truly impressive to me until they let go of camera control.

Gah i can't believe they're doing this shit. A RE4-style Wii port of Dead rising would be a fantastic experience.

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Guhh i really need to take the time to make some new vids. That track is mad old now. I's gone better, i promises! =(

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You're winner! Thanks :)

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Guess i'll take it to THE PREVIOUS LEVEL then

Not as blindingly awesome. But still got some bangers in it! My awesome-gland still aches from this one, that's for sure

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It's a 40 minute mixtape Datassette made of late 70s to early 80s "library music", as in license free music to be used in broadcast or presentations. Really short and sweet disco/synth/rock/funk tracks, and it's all completely ridiculous. It's like hearing 40 minutes of Airwolf or Knight rider knockoffs.

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Cleared the cache, refreshed, still getting the same error. What exactly is is trying to load? The thumb/preview image still loads fine, so i'm assuming it's playlist xml or something like that?

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I think the DS-10 is getting a really bad rep for the wrong reasons now. I personally was really disappointed by the unit, mostly because of how impressive the tech is and how fail the interface is. But it still hasnt left my DS since i got it, and i still use it for putting down sketches, which it utterly excels at. I've made more actual music on the DS-10 than i have in any sequencer in a while now. Sometimes working with strict limitations brings out the best of you.


It helps that DS-10 patches are moved pretty seamlessly over to VSTis like Arguru's Voyager and come out nearly identical, albeit sounding BETTER. Which is sometimes not what you want, but nothing a little downsampling can't fix. You can literally just line up the knobs in the same angles, and bam you're good to go. This is a quick sketch ported directly from the ds-10 to Voyager running in Renoise.

Going to be putting up some vids soon on YouTube of some of the "hacks" you can do on the DS-10, such as using the way the song mode interpolates patches from pattern to pattern for faking extra patterns, faking stereo delay using volume and pan, and some simple patch tricks like automating the pitch of osc1 and 2 independently to get a polyphony of 4 synths going in a track. It's pretty fun stuff to mess about with when commuting for sure :)
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I was max stoked about a Wii port of Dead Space, because that game is fantastic and deserves to be played by anyone. EA hiring freaking Eurocom (blarghgh) to handle this, and producing ANOTHER Wii rail shooter, is just a huge slap in the face of Wii owners.

I will be HUGELY surprised if this game comes out and does better than the new House of the dead did. Shooting off limbs to slow down or disarm enemies is old hat in the rail shooter world.
Engine looks like it pushes the box quite hard though, from what little we've seen. Wish they'd use it for something a little more ambitious.