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I was max stoked about a Wii port of Dead Space, because that game is fantastic and deserves to be played by anyone. EA hiring freaking Eurocom (blarghgh) to handle this, and producing ANOTHER Wii rail shooter, is just a huge slap in the face of Wii owners.

I will be HUGELY surprised if this game comes out and does better than the new House of the dead did. Shooting off limbs to slow down or disarm enemies is old hat in the rail shooter world.
Engine looks like it pushes the box quite hard though, from what little we've seen. Wish they'd use it for something a little more ambitious.

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Ahaha feeling it? ;D The final few minutes in particular make me feel like i'm gaining muscle mass every second. I come out of that mix feeling incredibly attractive to women. And also clients. Because they have been swayed by my spectacular product presentation.

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DJ Ungelvral is such a great name i'm considering picking that up for myself. Because i actually LIKE Djungelvräl.

Someone probably already said this, but it bears mention that Djungelvräl means "jungle roar". Which is a good indicator of how manly and badass that candy is.

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The times there is music right now it annoys the fesh out of me. Mostly because it tends to be way louder than the overall volume and i have to rush to kill the volume at 3am so my neighbors won't murder me.

That said, i think it'd be pretty hot to have a small section of the podcast just showcasing great video game music, from any era really. Like stone age or victorian era video games probably had killer music or whatever. But yeah. Chiptune spot would be fresh. Perhaps in place of the break music?

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Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2035: URL Not Found.

Every, single video produces this popup if you're using the Flash debug player (which, as a flash dude, i am)

I dunno where in the source this occurs but it's annoying, pardon the french, the feck out of me. You can avoid this issue pretty simple by simply listening for that event. Hell, add an empty listener. So, SO many AS3 video players these days don't listen for the requisite events, or fail to try/catch blocks where parameters might be missing. It goes against the natural order!

Anyway yeah, anyone with the debug player installed is being drowned in bubbling error events on almost every single page considering the amount of video on the site. Methinks it deserves a look at; Kinda makes the video player look a bit sloppy (especially if you're a Flash dev yourself).

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Been listening to this mix for all damn day. Coding to it is like being in the hacking scene of Weird Science.

Apparently it's all licence free business presentation type music from the early 80s.
"The very finest über-rare 80s Business-Presentation Funk (Businesscore), propulsive Science-Documentary Electro and Feel-Good Teletext Cheese. May cause mild grinning."
Fucking ace.

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Our new ruler! The empeeer!

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That ninja is the lamest character ever

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Pretty sure this was the previously unannounced multiplayer component.

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Pick up the Rocktron Banshee. It's a great purchase, i've had a ton of fun with it. Horn driver included, obviously. I'm still mostly partial to pitch correction and vocoding (mostly because vocoders sound way, way dirtier, and catch actual sibilance if you got a good one).