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@ShaggE: I'll just take back what I said about what I thought doing something in a game meant for your soul. Haha. It's pretty ridiculous to look back at.

It's cool to discuss this stuff. Probably the first time I've ever spent real time thinking about it rather than just reacting to it.

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It's pretty funny that you can have issues with the morality of killing innocents and be dubbed a religious person.

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@ShaggE: Seems like I struck a nerve there. Defensive much?

But sure, I'll examine myself. I'm not perfectly rational about this shit as much as anyone. TBH I've probably tried to put words to something I can't properly articulate, so I'll moderate myself and try again:

Watching Vinny smash a random bystander's face in a car door is one thing, doing it myself is another. I find it physically uncomfortable to do that kind of shit. Is it funny to watch? Yep. Because it's fucking outlandish to me. It's dark humor on a level I can't personally execute. In the same way, since I started getting the feeling that Far Cry 3 has it "in" for animals, to be honest, I found it sort of darkly funny. My girlfriend asks what I'm playing and I answer it's an animal genocide simulator.

The argument that bothers me here, really, is the notion that hey guy, you kill people in games all the time, why does killing animals bug you so much, and I can't help but feel that animals are not even remotely in the same category. Perhaps I've simply become indoctrinated to think human beings are okay to maim because they're "us". It's like making racist jokes that concern your own race. It's okay then.

In the same breath, I felt physically ill in Splinter Cell Conviction when the game asked me to smack Grim around in that cutscene. I don't like the idea of punching a girl. Fallout 2, in Europe, didn't have kids in it. When I later heard the US version did, and had a "child killer" set of responses, my stomach churned a bit. In my broken little mind, kids and women are "not me", so it's not okay or funny to make violent, murderous jokes about them. I'm just not dude enough for that shit.

It does boil down to personal morality then. I apologize if I personally insulted you, that was stupidly defensive of me when I had my rhetoric challenged.

Maybe the question, in the end, is where player choice intersects the requirements of the gameplay. For instance, perhaps Far Cry 3 only really bugs me because it specifically asks me to kill animals I don't feel I should have to kill. You can't flip the coin any more ways than this; The crafting system in FC3 is pretty dumb. Can't sell shit because your wallet isn't big enough for the cash, guess it's time to run over some bull sharks in a speedboat! Gotta git that wallet upgrade!

So maybe it's the crafting system requiring me to do things that seem callous is what really bugs me. As for the hilarious killing of innocent bystanders, I'll leave that joke for you to enjoy.

But killing that turtle is going to stick with me for a while. Whoof.

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Also, pretty funny to take the "I kill humanely in my video game" approach. Kind of proves my point that you do care ;-)

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@ShaggE: Sorry, but I calls it as I sees it. If you think it's mega funtimes to kill indiscriminately, look in the mirror. I don't think the horse of not killing civilians is all that uncomfortable.

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Reading a lot of defensive irony here, y'all. It's looking pretty grim!

The "why can't I this when I do that" is such an old defense.. By that standard, I kill people all the time, why would killing kids be any different? At that point it boils down to eschewing your morals entirely for the sake of play. To me that seems like a mental handicap, not a freedom.

Believe me I'm no fanatic vegetarian animal rights activist. But I have a couple of cats and I generally like animal life, haha. Something about FC3 managed to rub me the wrong way. Spot a herd of deer running from a tiger, first instinct isn't wow, this open world shit huh, how about it. The instinct is to open the crafting menu and see what kind of handbag I could make if I killed them.

I suppose the herbivores are what bothers me the most. Chasing after squealing pigs with a knife so I can carry more flamethrower fuel just feels callous to me. It isn't like in GTA where you can kill innocents for a couple of bucks. You have absolutely no reason on this earth to kill innocents in GTA other than your own definition of pleasure (and I'm not gonna high horse it too much but TBH if you enjoy any sort of murder of innocents, virtual or not, you're pretty much a piece of shit by my book). In FC3 practically everything you can kill will have some actual benefit. Sure, you can stop doing it once that benefit goes away. That doesn't mean the game didn't ask you to do it.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Yep.

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Anyone else feel the hunting aspect is a little overplayed in Far Cry 3? Like killing sharks for a new wallet wasn't ridiculous enough on the surface, there's something really off about a game that puts you on an island packed with endangered species and pretty much begs you to kill everything you see. You don't even get the logbook info about the animal until you've killed it. I shot a galapagos turtle in the face as it was trying to hide in its shell and i felt like shit for the rest of the session.

I've had tons of fun with FC3 (bluescreens repeatedly on my PC though, thanks Ubi!) but the economy elements seem pretty undercooked. Halfway into the game you don't need money anymore, so why loot anything? The only thing that's left for you is to murder all the animals to make bags of them. Weird.

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Okay so discrimination is not cool. But if the only god damn reasons you're doing video games is because you want to make better role models and think about your kids, get the fuck out of the business. Politics is the LAST reason you should want to make games for a living.

Hey GUYS, how about YOU list your reasons why you're in the industry! How absurd is even the notion of building a hashtag around that?

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@Mcfart: It doesn't work that way dude