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Here is another listing for the Saitek mentioned above. This might be a better option for you since you are not always able to order from in Canada:

If you want to save up for the Logitech here is a listing that is about $15 cheaper. I use that keyboard and while it is very nice I can't get it to work with my BIOS so I have to keep another keyboard around:

Also, here is another one to consider. It is reviewed ok and has a hand cooler if that is something you think you need. I think it looks bizarre:

If you can't afford the Saitek then I recommend waiting until you have saved up more money since sub-$50 illuminated keyboards will likely be terrible.

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Hey everybody! I'm planning the bachelor party for my best friend and I need some suggestions for video games to play. Since its going to be a small party with only about 7 or 8 people, and none of us want to do the strip club thing, we are instead going to have a bit of a video game bonanza instead. So, I'm looking for good suggestions for local multiplayer games for either the Wii or the Xbox 360 that match a night of bro-ing out. However, if there are a lot of suggestions for Playstation games maybe I'll make that his wedding gift. 
As a bonus you could include ideas for good drinking games related to your video game suggestion.
Thank you!

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Yakityyakblah's advice is solid. I would even go so far as to ask your professors for advice in your job search as well. As long as you approach them in a friendly manner they are usually willing to give you what advice they can. While I am not in your field I do have 2 university degrees and have found that the individuals I have known who are engineers have really benefited from co-op programs and the connections they were able to make through the university. Most universities also offer job fairs which may only have a slim chance to get you a job; however they do expose you to what it is like talking with people from the companies which can be a benefit when it comes time to do an interview.

You mention that you don't have friends in Canada and that must be a source of stress for you. If you can I suggest looking for a club or group activity you can join that interests you. On one hand it will give you actual interaction with other people which is always a good thing. Also, it will help you become comfortable with interacting with Canadians. I'm not sure what your experiences were like but a lot of people go through university without real interaction with their peers. Being comfortable in the Canadian setting will help you with your interviews and I have found that those recent immigrants I have been friends with who have been successful in the job market are also socially comfortable in Canada. 
Finally I would say getting a masters is a good idea as well. While there are organizations which seek to help you in transferring your credentials from other countries, I do believe that employers favour Canadian university graduates. Getting a masters will at the very least demonstrate to the employers that you are capable in dealing with the Canadian engineering world.
Good luck, glad to have you in Canada, and I hope you come to love it here.

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That was awesome. I think the tone was perfect and the questions were just the right amount of gaming and otherwise.

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I picked  Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I don't even own a Wii. I think thats a bad sign (for me). 

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the longest and most drunken bombcast you could ever imagine

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I think the key difference is if you pee in the shower or pee into the shower, particularly if you do so from the hallway,

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That end to end to end breakaways was crazy!

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@MattyFTM said:
" While it is a good idea, it wouldn't be right without Turbo_Toaster's great artwork of the GB crew, and I doubt she has the time to do comic every week. "
I agree with this. However, I would love to see a little more of Turbo_Toaster's work around the site. Maybe a quicklook graphic? or something similar...