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I want that 2DS purely for the novelty factor, it is ugly as butt. I said the same thing for the Wii Mini too.... I have yet to buy a Wii Mini.

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If I had to bet on one thing, that would be guessing at just what"historic" game Rare is going to pull out of their hat. My guess would be Jet Force Gemini. Hopefully the xbox one will have a expansion pack ready for that beast of a game.

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I'm still going to play it when the N.American version is released.

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I agree 110%

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I hope this development doesn't stall or halt Metro Last Light coming market.

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Is there word of a patch incoming to fix Some of these issues I'm reading here in this thread? My ps3 copy is enroute via amazon and I can't wait to consume the entire thing.

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by the end of this week I hope to have completed darksiders1. Amazon better "accidentally" shipped my preorder copy early so i can get my hands on the sequel asap.

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I ran through the game initially on normal difficulty 2 years ago when the game was released and I never saw him once during that play through. Only within the last few days have I started a new game and set the difficulty to apocalyptic, I have had 2 run ins with Wicked K and this is before I even set foot in the Ashlands. Long story short, from my perspective at least, I think you only run into him when playing the game on Apocalyptic difficulty. Can anyone out there corroborate this?

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Also, when I defeated him, did he really jump down a mario bros like tube? I was looking away from screen shortly after I defeated him and caught it out of the corner of my eye, not sure if that is a thing or not.