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I actually just started playing this a couple of weeks ago. Just a few hours in.

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It definitely put me back on the fence as to what I want to purchase. Microsoft has some exclusives that appeal to me and I can see some cool things happening in the future that could utilize the Kinect and the cloud processing. That being said there are a lot of features in this box that just don't appeal to me. The TV and multimedia stuff for example. I don't pay for cable TV. I also find the interface very tired and I sort of just want something fresh and new.

From the little I have seen so far of the PS4 interface and its social network for gamers type feel, it seems like it would be something more to my liking. All that being said I really want to sit in front of both consoles before I make my decision. I also need to hold the controllers, because that is a big deciding factor.

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@daneian said:

I have no idea what to make of the One at this point.

I'm not sure what its capable of, what its policies are or what features it will utilize. Will it harness the power of the 'cloud' or was that bull the entire time?

MS wasn't exactly communicating properly out of the gate and their changes only make their stance and strengths more murky.

That is the problem isn't it. Just a big mess of haze around the whole device.

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Everything I am reading so far seems to indicate games are tied to an account. So does that mean that my wife would not be able to play a game I bought on the same box, because she has her own XBL account?

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If Zelda can get away with it for the past 20 years, I don't see why Bioshock cannot and still be incredible.

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In short no. To be honest I want to mainly purchase my games digitally this next generation so the lack of used games doesn't bother me per se. That being said Microsoft needs to steup up their game big time in the online store to really keep me interested. Games need to be easier to find and buy. No more points and allow the indies some real breathing room. Im willing to spend $1-$5 on my iPhone, I will gladly spend as much on an indie game for two hours of entertainment.

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Im putting my new saves on there and moved a couple of ones I felt were "important", but I am not trying to move all of my back catalog over.

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Ahh ok. I must have read some other branches of that theory. Too much left unanswered

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So there are a few different discussion out on the internet about the ending sequence. Mainly we have the camp of they just messed it up or there is this whole indoctrination scenario. Leaning on the Indoctrination scenario bit more it got me thinking if any of the final sequence happened at all.   Most discussions seem  to focus on the point that Shepard was fighting the indoctrination through that sequence, but that it all was happening. What got me though is while reading through that content several people point out a radio transmission where they state everyone was wiped out and to retreat. Also, even the indoctrination discussions I see never would explain how Shepard made it back to Earth from the Citadel. Now I got the ending where I destroyed the reapers and synthetics and caught Shepard's breath at the end. What if everything between the moment he got hit with the laser and his breath was purely in his head, not some sort of hazy dream fight. What if he never stood up and got to the light and made it to the Citadel in the real world. The existing indoctrination "evidence" could support that argument, which would also imply that whatever decision you actually means the battle rages on or that the cycle is over. 

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@Driadon said:

I read it and enjoyed it greatly. There's a few oddities with the translation, but if you have a basic understanding of how most Slavic languages are structured, and see what they did in an attempt to mimic the rhythm, it makes sense.
@BurningVegas: I'm not quite sure where you're located, but I found it for not a bad price on the U.S., Canadian, and UK Amazon stores. It also seems that a new print of it just got sent out April 11th, so your shortage could be because that is on it's way.

The Kindle version is also a very reasonable $9.39