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You Do Not Need to be Good At Shooters to Love This Game 1

What is there to be said about this game.  Its design is a combination of 3rd-person team based shooting (a la TF2), tower defense, a loot hoarding.   What makes the game play so enjoyable about this game is that one does not have to be good at shooters to be a good player in this game. As is the case with TF2 one can play as a support player and focus their energy on defending the base, escorting your team's bots, or buffing up your team members.  In fact in order for your team to be successful...

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Exactly What You Think it is 0

The best and worst thing this game has going for it is that it is exactly the game you think it is. It is a Japanese RPG fully rooted in the traditions and styles of the Jrpg's from the 1990's. You have effeminate male characters, angst driven teens, the "old" man who must be in his 30's and a winding incomprehensible story; mixed with frustrating difficulty curves.   The game played for me was a slight nostalgia effort. On the one hand, running through the tried and true jrpg formula was fun, b...

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A confused game that cannot hold my attention 0

The Saboteur in short is a game that is just confused about its identity. As mentioned in other reviews it takes bits and pieces from other open world games and mashes them together, but never achieves a complete identity. Contradictions are simply all over the place in the game. For example, the game at the beginning tells you to take to the roof tops a la Assassin's Creed. While the rooftops are good for nailing down some easy cash on targets the climbing mechanic  is slow, the buildings aren'...

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Showing it s age, but a fun game none the less 0

 A fairly average game by 2010 standards, but I imagine it was well done in 2005. The gameplay overall is fairly fun and straight forward. While it is a quasi-sandbox game is suffers from the problem of an empty overworld.  A few scattered towns here and there in the world are moderately interesting (and small by today's standards), but the world in between these towns is desolate, even for a desert.  While the missions are fairly engaging in short bursts, the overall story isn't as you do not ...

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Repetition Killed This Game For Me. 0

 Repetition killed this game for me and I am surprised that more people have not chimed in on it. Backtracking through the entire island multiple times, roughly the same fighting mechanic, the same puzzle mechanics drove me insane. I am surprised I made it 5 hours into this game.  The game has a great first impact when you play it. The controls are well done, the fighting is impressive (the first time) and the voice acting is incredible. But once you start beating up the same group of thugs in ...

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Micro-Review: Junkfood for Videogames. 0

The gameplay in a nutshell is a stiff, sometimes awkward 3rd person shooter, that in the post Gears of War world just doesn't stand up all that well. Oddly enoough though I found myself going back to it. You could call the game junk food if  you were going to apply a food analogy: cheap, poor ingredients, not that good, but ultimately satisfying.  Lets be honest  here, the game is not a "AAA" title and unfortunately was probably priced as such in release. In a post Gears of War world it is almos...

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Micro-Review: True to its roots with a surprise ending. 0

 A beautiful game with a soundtrack that is good but not very deep. Personally I have never been a huge fan of POP gameplay in general and I quickly found most of the platform puzzles boring. And ohh those damn yellow plates pissed the hell out of me.   The overall mechanics of the game are very good, if not a bit overcomplicated at times.  The story, which appears fairly thin at first glance takes a nice twist at the end that not only throws you for a loop at face value, but is even more intri...

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Micro-Review: Bloody, Fun Time for the First Couple of Hours 0

This is a fun looking brawler on the surface that quickly becomes repetitive .   Wolverine will certainly scratch your itch if you are looking for a game to bloody up some bad guys. The biggest problem with it though is that it simply gets boring. The combos system is fairly limited, the enemies exhibit the same behaviors and you will quickly find that you execute the same basic attach moves (mostly your lunge and pounce) to take down most baddies.  The controls are pretty good, graphics decent...

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Micro-Review: Worth a few hours of your time, nothing more. 0

 True to everything you have heard about it, the game is buggy. Not only that, it is repetitive and consequently boring. It is a great romp around the jungle for a few hours, but you will quickly find that the game simply does not progress beyond that point. You literally just go from point A to point B and blow something up along the way. That is pretty much it.   On top of that the explosions aren't that impressive and prior to playing the game that is what I kept hearing was one of the best p...

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Micro-Review: One of the Best Zelda's Ever 0

 Personally I think this is one of the best Zelda games of all time. The story breaks the traditional Zelda setting just enough to bring something new to the game while still keeping it traditional. When the game was released the Zelda formula was not quite as worn as it is today.   The cel shading in this game and overall humorous style make the game in the end. The game looks incredibly crisp, even on an HDTV and the game on the whole still stands up today.     ...

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Micro-Review: Underwhelming 0

This game certainly shows the markings of where Mass Effect and other BioWare RPG's came from. The gameplay mechanic in this game is fairly solid and after one realizes that this is not a brawler the pertinence needed for battle becomes more apparent.  That is not to say though the battle system is deep, in fact far from it. I found myself utilizing 2-3 basic moves and attacks the entire game.  I was also very disappointed by the scope of the game. The game takes place in a very linear fashion t...

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Micro-Review: Showing its Age, the Controls Are Frustrating 0

Taking time into consideration the graphics are well done. Bright with some nice particle effects. The rest of the game has not aged so well though. The controls are beyond frustrating and inaccurate. The concept of the game is a wonderful one, but the execution is just unpolished and leads the user to want to throw their controller through the window.     ...

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Micro-Review: One of the Biggest Surprises on the 360 0

 If you are looking for a run and gun shooter, then this is not your game. However, if you are looking for a paced tactical game then this will fit the bill.   While this game touts itself to be an FPS, you spend most of your time in 3rd person viewing behind cover directing your squads and teammates around the field. This is not really a bad thing.   The gameplay is extremely well done and the developers made excellent use of a cover and suppression system for maneuvering around the enemy. Wh...

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Micro-Review: Worth the Frustration 0

 This game has such a love/hate relationship going for it. On the one hand the world and aesthetic is fantastic. In fact I would go so far as to say the gameplay is fantastic.....mostly. The game has a portal-estc puzzle thing going for it, that when done right works amazingly well. At several instances through the game I found myself pondering how I could jump from ledge to ledge.  Whole the puzzle and platforming is great the fighting isn't and more often then not gets in the way of the overal...

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Micro-Review: Worth the Single Player Romp 0

 This is a solid FPS that knows it is a game and plays like a game. The mechanics are mostly all in place and the FPS feel is good. The game controls just like Modern Warfare so it is easy to jump into and the levels are all well built. The veil powers are predictable, but a nice touch to the game. The only complaint is that you spend almost all of your time in veil mode viewing the world in a green cast.  While the game is solid on single player, the mechanics don't translate to the multiplaye...

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