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I'm thinking of recording my room at night while I sleep, because I have a feeling it's going to happen again.

While I was living at my cousins house, many creepy things happened. He was once meditating in a closed closet and saw a blue beam of light shine over his shoulder and onto the wall. Another time we heard kids playing in the house when we were the only ones there.

His younger brother heard us discussing it and said, "You mean you hear the little girl that plays in the bathtub at night?"

We all Shat Brix.

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@Kidavenger: So those FM1 processor don't require you to have a graphics card?

I haven't built a computer in years, so I don't know any of the new technology.

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I'm looking to build a media computer for video editing, photoshop, and running multiple programs.
The computer I have right now is alright. I built it about 5 years ago.
I have an 8800gtx graphics card that I will use in the new computer, but I'm not really looking to play many games on it.
Below is my current computer, and two computer builds I was thinking of choosing from. What is your suggestion?

Current Build
LGA 775, SLI, DDR2 800
Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo 2.4
LGA775, L2 Cache 4M, 1066
OCZ Platinum (4X1GB) DDR2 800
500W Power Supply
ASRock P67 PRO3 (B3) Intel Motherboard
LGA 1155, DDR3 1600/1333/1066
Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz Quad-Core
LGA 1155 95W, L3 Cache 6MB
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2x4GB) Memory
DDR3 1600
Corsair GS700 700W Power Supply
Total Price$415

AMD Build
BIOSTAR TA75A+ FM1 AMD A75 (Hudson D3)
FM1, DDR3 1866/1600/1066
AMD A8 3850 Llano 2.9GHz Quad-Core
FM1 100W
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) Memory
DDR3 1600
Corsair GS700 700W Power Supply
Total Price$390
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I have to go to sleep now, wish me luck.

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@Napalm: @Napalm said:

Usually my mind is awake during sleep paralysis. I'll say stuff like, "goddamn, this shit again? Okay, here we go. *HUMPH* Can't move. *HUUUUMPH* Can't move. *HUUGDGFDBNJHFGFGHFH* *thrash about, wake up for a second choking, go back to sleep*".

Something similar. I remember the only thing I could do was open my eyes, breath out my nose, and turn my head. But I didn't try to thrash to move, its like I was in an earthquake and just thought to myself, "hold on!"

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@SpunkyHePanda said:

I can remember one time when this happened to me. I heard a group of people talking and there was a man behind my curtain.

Do you have a fairly normal sleep schedule? Mine was all over the place when this happened.

I stay up late sometimes. But the night I was thrashed, I decided to go to bed a few hours early so I could get up early. Well something else had already planned to wake me up at 3am.

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@Bucketdeth said:

Every few months ever since I was a kid I would wake up in the middle of the night and I couldn't move from head to toe, only my eyes would move but if I tried hard enough I would finally awake.

Your condition seems very odd, you say you woke up thrashing up and down? Was this you doing it or were you just dreaming? Or did you drop too much acid one day? Either way you should check into a doctor and see a psychologist or go to a sleeping center where they can monitor you and diagnose the issue.

I can't really tell. It's like an invisible force was thrashing me, and the blankets were being thrashed too, but they were hovering above me. I first thought there was something on top of me ripping up the blankets.

This was the first time I was attacked by a ghost or my own mind.

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@MasturbatingestBear: Nah man, I only lived with like 1 person in the house. They are asleep and in another room when I get up.

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I never had any sleeping problems my whole life, except for an occasional nightmare. But when I was 18 something strange happened.

It was like any other day, I wasn't upset, wasn't stressed. In the middle of the night something sat on the edge of my bed and woke me up. I felt the edge of the bed sink down and the blankets tighten over me. It then wiggled my shoulder and asked if it could use my computer, in a womans voice, I thought it was a family member. It was pitch black in the room so I said, "Go ahead." I waited to hear my computer turn on and for them to ask, "What's the password?", which I would have told them to just wait until I got up in the morning. But the computer never turned on, and instead it sat down on my bed again.

That's when I realized it wasn't a family member. It sat there for about 3 minutes, then it got up and it sat on the other side of the bed near the wall. I thought there is no way it's a person because it would have to climb over me to sit on that side. So it sat with me for about 10 minutes, and I my heart was racing and I was sweating the whole time. Then I felt it lift up and fade off the bed. I just went back to sleep, woke up an hour later and ran into the living room. I slept on the couch for about 2 weeks after that.

It happend again about 6 months later when I stayed the night at my uncle's house. Again it just sat on the edge of the bed. It happened 2 more times at his house over the next year, and the last time it happened there, it laid across me. It felt like a person laying on me, but it only weighed about 10 pounds.

Things started getting worse. I lived with my cousin for a while, and I woke up and heard a woman screaming in the room, yelling all kinds of cuss words. Then it moved out into the kitchen. She screamed for about 5 minutes, and it was hurting my ears. But I was so tired I couldn't really get up to see what was going on, I just tried to ignore it. Then it stopped screaming and I felt something sit on the edge of my bed.

Now one of the most recent times it happened was about two week ago. It was a normal day, nothing stressing me out before I went to sleep. All of a sudden I wake up and I'm being thrashed up and down. Something is shaking me like crazy. I opened my eyes and saw the sheets hovering above me and waving up and down. It died down and went quiet, I opened my eyes and these shadow figures were floating up near the ceiling. I heard a man in the room saying things about me and what sounded like little gremlins on the floor. I quickly closed my eyes and tried to roll over but started being thrashed again. Then I felt a calm come over the whole room and I got up and ran into the living room. Couldn't sleep right for about 4 days after that, kept waking up to make sure nothing was in the room.

The last time it happened was a few days ago. This time there was a bat in my room flying around flapping it wings. I then heard someone say, "it's not a bat, its a humming bird." And then it landed in my hair and I felt it's little feet poking me. Then it flew around the room some more.

Now these are not like dreams, it was as real as you can hear and see now, and I can remember everything that happened, unlike most dreams.

My question is. Is something wrong with my brain? Wat Do?

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How do you sell back your virtual games?

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