Starting Twin Peaks... (Updated)

Been interested in watching this after watching the endurance run of Deadly Premonition but could never find it at the right price until recently...
Update: So I finished the first season last night, was surprised that it was only 7 episodes + the pilot, but I guess that was not uncommon at the time... The way they ended the season finale was a good way to make sure people would at least go on to watch  the beginning of the second season to see who did what to you know who... 
 I already have the second season on dvd (found it for $10 at Big Lots), so I will probably start it today at some point...  Looking forward to hopefully having some of the questions from the first season be answered, but I have a feeling that the second season is only going to add more questions than it will answer, a la most modern mystery TV series...


Ever gone back to a old game and been surprized...

Ever gone back to a old online focused console game and been surprized to see people still playing it?  
Last night I just got a nostalgic feeling while playing Black Ops of the time when shooters where a bit more tactical, the first one that came to mind was Rainbow Six Vegas 2. So I popped my PS3 version of the game in, which came out three years ago this month, and I was shocked to still easily get into an online match, and even more so, actually find people still playing it! 
The controlles do not hold up as well as I remember them being because the game felt a bit clunky to say the least, but the hide behind cover and pop out feature was fun to revisit.  
Anyone have any stories of going back to games and being surprized to find people stillplaying them? PC games dont really apply here, as there online communites seem to last forever!

So many games to start, but feel the need to finish the ones...

 I have so many games I have yet to even start, some even still in the shrink wrap like Dead Space 2, Dragon Age II among others, but I am stuck with the feeling that I must finish the ones I currently have in progress, right now being Metro 2033... Does anyone else feel like they can only play one game at a time, or do you always have multiple games in progress? I think I sometimes ruin my gaming experience because I feel compelled to finish every game I start, regardless of how much I am enjoying it...


Just an introduction

 I'm a twenty -something year old father who enjoys gaming in my free time, although that is pretty seldom as of late, handling my parental duties, maintaining a full time job, and a relationship (going on six years) takes priority over the five hour gaming binge sessions of years past.  
I own a 60G launch PS3, a 250G Xbox 360S, and a 2000 series PSP. The PS3 would be my platform of choice, although the 360 has seen most of my gaming time as of late because, A) I just recently got my first 360, which leads to, B) I have been catching up on some 360 exclusives (Mass Effect, Fable 2 & Alan Wake).
My favorite gaming genre would be survival horror, Silent Hill 2 being the pinnacle, but games of that sort seem to be pretty much dead this generation, with all "scary" games reduced to action games with horror elements. While I do miss the survival horror games of the past, I do enjoy the new breed, including Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, and Resident Evil 5.  I also enjoy a little bit of something from every other genre (with the exception of music games), from LittleBigPlanet to Uncharted to Fallout 3 to God of War and Call of Duty, just to name a few.
You can find me on the Playstation Network as xX_Supaman_Xx or on Xbox Live as xX Soop Xx