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Honestly I think we'd all just like more content with them focusing on a game instead of giving it 30mins on Friday.

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Sometimes I don't know what to do with myself either but some fire in me tells me to keep at it. Recently I lost weight after getting back to running regularly and got a job offer so woohoo!

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Welcome to the jungle! Looking forward to seeing fresh perspectives and content.

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Competiting ERs with GBHQ and GBEAST!

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Mean and green for the win!

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Best of luck! First step in solving a problem is recognising you have it and take steps to address it. I'm probably broken somewhere inside myself but I wouldn't even know how to go about fixing it.

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Congratulations! I bet that's a load off your shoulders.

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You guys are super brave for sharing. Kudos to all of you.

As for me I'm not really comfortable talking about myself so I won't say much except things haven't been working out for me lately and I probably have mild depression.

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Date advice picture. Check.

Touch her shoulder. Check.

Fake your own death. Check.

Actual advice. Check.

You guys make me so proud.

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Paladins rock! I cleared DS1 and 2 with my own paladin build similar to this and it's always satisfying to chuck a lightning bolt into somebody's face!