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I do not know a lot about football, but I knew Group G was the group to watch and the Germany was my fav team to vote for. Great to see them play well and get what they deserved.

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The German's wasn't even doing anything fancy, It was basic football (which they did well, efficient) and Brazil couldn't show them anything :(

to be fair to them though,, that kind of well-worked, efficient and unselfish football has been in quite short supply all tournament...

It's true though, it reminded me of playing FIFA or Pro Evo or something. You rarely see an international team get cut up so much from those kinds of through balls behind the defense.

Yeah, just tap X a few times in the box and hit circle. Man, kinda crazy some of those goals.

I had flash backs to playing fifa or winning eleven with my cousins who were obsessed with the game. I barely knew what I was doing, defended horribly and was decimated... yep sounds about right.

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Was watching both the World cup and the new mailbag. Paused the mailbag video at the perfect time when it went 6-0. and I guess I took the screen cap at the perfect moment too.

Mr. GERSTMAN must be quite proud of his homeland... as I assume his last name is German and therefore he has german heritage.

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I was rooting for germany, and around the 4th goal I found myself thinking " Germany, they have had enough... this is getting horrific, give them a break... for the love of god!!"

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Egoraptor was relevant about 4 or 5 years ago.

... i still like gamegrumps, they are not my favourites but there is a lot good dumb stuff coming out of there.

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@hamst3r: good looking out, I would love to also get some people into Jojo, anyone know if its good?

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there were moments where I see the player got hit but took no damage. It is frustrating and confusing. I tried to keep light and realized my perfect timing is screwing me over. If there is a tiny delay, the opponent is already moving or has already predicted you would attack and dodge. Maybe try to predict when they will attack and attack before they do(ie early)... this has worked for me, but I didnt really do it often.

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Seems that Stardust Crusaders was confirmed as a 4-cour show, with no break. So a year of JoJo. OH MY GOD! But that means even longer to wait til Diamond Is Unbreakable starts. OH NO!

HOLY SHIT! Episode 12 was fun as hell. Joseph showing off why he's the best badass grandpa.

Joseph is the best jojo. I love how he does his trademark thing from season two, love it.

how are they able to continually "smooth over the problems", they have been accused of murder a number of times now.... how are they not on a list somewhere?

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I finally got blood dragon and call of juarez gunslinger together for 6.28$

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Remember, if you're going to get Witcher 3 on PC, owning 1 and 2 will give you up to $11 off preorders on GOG. Witcher 2 counts as an $8 discount, so if you're going for 3, you actually save more than you spend if you buy the second game.

what are you talking about!!! I already own both anyway! how do I do the thing you are talking about?