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I remember really liking the Twobestfriendsplays indigo prophecy(really any of the david cage games they did). I also liked their silent hill downpour and metal gear revengeance lps.

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@gaspower: I believe Rising is happening around the 500's while the manga has passed 1000 chapters. So ya, I was super pleased. @mezmero: Haha, I got serious Buggy vibes off the whole situation. I hope that there will be a showdown between Captain Usopp and Captain Buggy. Imagine an epic Marineford like battle but the battle between the captains themselves is utter bullshit.

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@gaspower: I believe I have! I was told to watch: The fighting, the movie, kimura vs Mashiba, New Challenger, and Rising. were there any other Ova's I that missed?

By the way, any news on when the next season is coming? Or will I have to go to the manga?

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thanks to the guys at superbestfriends, I marathoned through most of Hajime no Ippo. That show is fantastic. takamura is hilarious. And Aoki's fight in (i think) new challenger had an amazing balance of serious and hilarious. The moment he did "the look away"... I couldn't handle it, I had to laugh. And then when Takamura tried it, I couldn't handle it more! That show has a very good pace. The characters are all a delight. It's a bummer I am almost done with it.

Watched the newest One piece. I think I found my new favourite Usopp scene. The music especially was a nice touch.

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Well shit! Ebgames is asking 229$ here in Canada and now I have to add in extra for a charger? I never wanted the xl in the first place but it is the only option.

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@mezmero said:

@pyrodactyl: I was talking about Usopp. The time skip has really not done him any favors. Just so much about his big scene rang incredibly hollow.

And they even teamed him with Robin for the sake of this arc. It feels like between the two of them, and the amount of information they had of their opponents' capabilities to that point, that fight should've been a none issue for two of the most resourceful members of that crew. Instead we get a load of garbage. I'm actually okay with what's going on with Franky even though it wasn't great. He's basically a tank sent in to cause a ruckus and I can respect that.

I agree 1 million percent. When the timeskip happened, I didn't think " I can't wait to see Luffy/Sanji/Zorro get stronger!", the only thought in my mind was "I wonder if Usopp will finally catch up and not be useless". Usopp met that hero guy on that super hostile island. He spent 2 years there. How the hell does he leave that island with only new ammo types? He didn't learn to be brave facing the forest. He didn't attain that crazy strength from the hero guy. And he didn't get sneakier or faster running around in the forest. I mean Nami calls down lightning now! she got a huge super useful upgrade!

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@super2j: Archer is great, Adventure Time is great and The Venture Bros will be great when it comes back. I have not seen Ultimate Spider-Man but it is on my Netflix que.

Archer IS great, I forgot about that. Adventure time continues to do great with character behavior, but overall I am starting to cool on that show. I have seen all of venture bros but i feel like I don't get it. I am not sure about that show... I will probably keep watching though. If memory serves me right, season 1 of spiderman was almost insufferable. I feel like they addressed most of my problems in later seasons.

Have you seen Mike tyson mysteries? I am still not sure what to think of it yet. Luckily I am enjoying it.

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@pyrodactyl: It sucks because Dressrosa is one of the best and craziest arcs in the entire series (so far) but it's just so goddamn slow and there's so many episodes and chapters where NOTHING HAPPENS. I love the slow burn that One Piece has but this is ridiculous.

Oh, and in regards to that ending... I don't want to spoil anything but it's not the end of Dressrosa. There's still a long way to go sadly. (The manga is still stuck there, with no ending in sight for awhile.) It does start to become enjoyable again though. Just wish Oda would quit jumping around between characters and finish stuff off.

I hear you. But this weeks episode and Kyros turning back to normal was exactly what I needed for all the slowness to be justified. It felt like I had to suffer the 10 years with him. Also seeing how everything hinged on Usopp and how his team had full confidence in him was also very worth the seemingly slower than average burn. I am kinda pissed on how Usopp solved the problem... IT WAS A GOD DAMN BALL! LET HIM BE COOL AND USE THE SLING SHOT IN A LAST DITCH IMPOSSIBLE SHOT!

I really like Dressrosa, I love Doffy, I think he is an amazing villain. I appreciated the tournament... its been a while since I saw one in an anime and I was in just the right mood for it. I am glad there is still a bunch more to happen in this arc.

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@daveyo520: i enjoy steven universe. Gravity falls is something special. Korra is over... I'll watch ultimate spiderman but I am not particularly happy about it. Avengers was actually really good. I can't think of anything else right now.

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@golguin said:

@gaspower said:

Here are my thoughts on AZ @bigjeffrey @golguin @daveyo520 @super2j


A few months ago up until ep. 13, I would've been okay with Inaho being dead and see where they'd go from there. I'd still feel a bit bummed if it was the case but I'd still watch it.

Oh, we were just making some silly hypothetical scenario about Inaho getting shot up and then going the Deus Ex/RoboCop route by getting cybernetic implants/augmentations. Man, that's way too far-fetched that Gen was gonna do this shit. That's never gonna happen! It'd be fucking hilarious/hype as shit if he did go all cyborg Inaho though.

Then episode 13 comes out and Gen Urobuchi just shot out of the screen like a cannon, and in Japanese shouting, "GUESS WHAT, MOTHERFUCKER, I WENT WITH IT!!!"



Get hype.

You have no idea how hyped I got when they zoomed in on his eye. I literally had a...


moment. No joking I yelled that at my TV screen.

I had no idea this kind of narrative was building on the internet. It is kinda dumb i guess, I mean, he literally has no damage, in fact it seems like an upgrade.

I do want to bring up something. They mentioned that he was shot in the temporal lobe right? The part that is involved in emotional responses? is that like a joke they are making or what?