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I graduated out of University. I then spent a year doing nothing but think about what I am going to do next. As a result, for the first time in my life I feel like I have goals and desires. And for some reason, even with ample time, I have not touched a videogame outside of a phone game in what feels like months. I still think about them and I have the desire to "want" to play them but I have not. I much prefer watching lp's of funny people. Concurrently, I also watch less of the unprofessional friday's. I don't know if I am finally bored of all this or if I am "maturing". A term I use to describe myself developing goals and not "growing up and leaving the toys behind".

I feel like if I am bored, all it will take is a cool thing to break me. VR seems to be a strong contender for this. That or maybe metal gear.

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My god, Fate/stay unlimited bladeworks continues to impress/wow/confuse me. I read some comments that make some of the finer aspects of this plot clear and hot damn it's interesting.

This weeks Jojo was touching.

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Rewatching Full Metal Panic. The series hasn't aged well to something like Cowboy Bebop or YuYu Hakusho but still enjoying it very much. I think it's fuckin ridiculous people are still trying to make a English Live Action film for this series. In terms of relevancy I think people have all but forgotten it.

btw, I recently bought cowboy bepop on bluray... I have never bought a tv series before, anime or not, this show better be as awesome as you all made it out to be!

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I knew they HAD to have something planned since DB kai is ending soon.

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@awesomeusername: I felt feel the exact same way about Joseph Joestar. Can you believe that I have seen multiple people ( who read the manga) put him low on their lists of best Jojo's? Crazy talk. Man, he is such an improvement over Jonathan.

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@golguin: I feel like I got spoiled (for mainline fate) somehow from that Illya clip. But, I don't mind because that was really cool. Also, it made me appreciate Archer much more. I should watch that show.

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the first thing to be written in any guide for a souls game should be "look both ways before you cross the street. Trucks are sneaky assholes". I feel this holds very true for souls games.

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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 15 | RIPIllyasviel, now to be reborn into the superior show. Also Gilgamesh is

That link put me through a roller coaster of emotion. First I was surprised and thought "She gets her own thing?!?", then I see that its manga and that it is in the "erotic" genre and I thought "oh of course".

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@golguin: Not a fan of dogs, Iggy is the first dog (real or not) that I actually cared about (and not just thought it looked cool). And Petshop is super crazy in the best way. It almost seemed like parody, which makes it even more impressive.

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@edgaras1103: HxH was really good and super weird. Some of those plot points give me the hibbie jibbies, when I think back on it. I still can't believe King wasn't actually defeated... just dies with a dear friend who helped him find his humanity. The old man effectively threw away his life for no reason AND he almost looked like the villain in that fight. And Gon basically did nothing.